someone shoot that alarm!

for some goddamn reason the comsci department has decided to shorten the duration of time between the doors in or out being opened and the alarm going off. (you need to swipe your student card to gain access or leave (?) the labs)
i have no fucking idea why there is an alarm for when the door is left open too long but since they shortened the duration and since some cards don’t seem to be registering / don’t swipe as well as other, the fsking alarm has been going off every fsking 15 seconds.
there’s always someone going in or out, and when a door is opened someone else is always wanting to pass through at the same time, so the door is kept open too long and bam! alarm.
people have started to enter/leave commando style.
*group gathers near door*
*sarge pulls out card with one hand while holding up fist with other, signaling the squad*
*squad tense their muscles ready to spring into action*
*sarge swipes card and shouts “GO! GO! GO!”*
*mad sudden rush out of the room*
*alarm goes off and the gooks get pvt henry*
*someone shouts “close the fucking door!”*

well i didn’t post yesterday because i took the day off varsity.
after all the tests and things i woke up early, fed the dog and thought: “face an hour of traffic all for one lousy lecture??? nah…
and promptly went back to bed.
after all i did get completely soaked walking down from varsity on wednesday afternoon.
i had a rainjacket thing with hood so i was completely dry down to my waist. but my jeans were completely wet.
by the time i got to the car and out of the rain it was so cold that my legs began to steam. that and it felt like someone was wiping my ass with wetwipes everytime i took a step.
it took an hour of tumbledrying to dry the jeans out when i got home.
on the plus side my ass never felt so clean. 30 minutes of walking in jeans that are 90% water will do that to you i suppose.

saw schpat and synk last night.
much discussion was had about the male clitoris and which part was the front/ the top of the penis, all over pizza and abduction.
(the discussion was had over pizza and abduction, not the penis over… abduction the card game, not an actual… oh never mind!)

onto something new:
i have created an agony uncle style blog for people to ask for advice about wargaming and roleplaying.
go find it at
send questions to:
why not check it out.

finally the weekend is almost upon us.
after a fun filled week of tests and stuff i wouldn’t mind sleeping in a little late (again.)
spend some time watching the invader zims i taped, or maybe hi hi puffy ami yumi. ah, the joys of cartoon network :)
anyway, hope your weekend is pleasant.
don’t forget to ask zenstar your roleplaying questions.
(i’m almost up to $3. google ads rock)
zenstar out


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  1. rachel says:

    that chair cost me dearly too

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