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just got my comsci test back and i got 80%.
that’s pretty damn good concidering a glanced at the software engineering section and didn’t even look at the hci section before the test.
luckily, all the stuff i looked at was asked and the rest of it i remembered from lectures.

my mom got back from zimbabwe last night so moonflake and i are back home (no more housesitting).
this means no more dstv :(
but its still good to be home.
i spent most of yesterday replaying another code: 2 memories, trying to find the bits i missed the first time round (and because there are some minor changes that get made when you play a second time).
after finishing it a second time i still didn’t have everything so i did it all again.
the second time round i discovered i wasn’t doing something, but by the time i figured it out i had already passed that section, so on the third go i made sure i did that bit (it was a silly little thing that i really should have done first time).
upon finishing the third time i managed to get everything and get the entire story out :)
in total i got 14 solid hours of gameplay out of the game. the first run took about 6 hours, the second about 5, and the last about 3.
of course i remembered the puzzles and whatnot and by the third time didn’t need to read any dialogue as i had read it twice before.
it was fun while it lasted but i probably won’t play it again for a loooooong time (as is always the problem with adventure/ quest things) but i will get the sequel if they ever get round to doing one (which will hopefully be a little longer).

the problem i now have is what game do i get next?
i was planning on star wars (which is out now) but i looked at the line up of games coming out for the nintendo ds over the next few months:
(the puppy simulator. good reviews but is it worth getting over all the other games?)
castlevania ds (the next in the castlevania series. i love castlevania and got loads and loads of gameplay out of castlevania: circle of the moon for gba. 50+ hours and still playing)
metroid prime: hunters (a fps. i got the demo with my ds and was surprised at how playable and fun a fps can be on the ds. a definite must… sometime)
advance wars: dual strike (advance wars!!! i love this series too. although i never got aw 2, i really really want this. advance wars was my first gba game and i racked up hours and hours and hours of gameplay on it… eventually unlocking everything and winning every map available. and i’d still be playing it if synk wasn’t borrowing it :)
bubble bobble revolution (bubble bobble. need i say more?)
kirby: power paintbrush (good reviews and you get a pink stylus with it apparently… a fun little title to while away the hours)
prince of persia: warrior within (a card based, strategy/ battle thing… looks interesting but i need to find out more details)

now i have enough cash for one game. which one do i choose? do i get starwars (which i’d like and got good reviews) or do i wait a few weeks until castlevania is released, or wait until advanced wars ds? or do i get one of the sundry games already out (‘cos i know the stuff will end up on a backlog that i’ll never really get round to clearing up) or should i try one of the other games on the list above?
basically i want them all… but can only afford to get 1 now before i need to start putting cash aside for christmass. of course i can probably get another game for christmass but that still leaves 8+ games out there that i neeeeeeed…
this is why people should click my google ads :) the sooned i hit $50 the sooner i get a gaming fix. i’m on $3 already.
i think i’m probably going to get castlevania with my cash and see if i can sort something out to get advance wars when it comes out. then i’ll grab star wars and the rest in whatever order they come to me.
none of this takes into account that there are even more games coming out, but if i start thinking about that my mind explodes and my wallet cries.
i mean who wouldn’t want to buy the surgery game when it’s released? or what about phil wright, ace attorney… you get to conduct investigations and create cases which you argue in court… cool!
*sigh* i love my nintendo ds.

since i’m back home now, the usual timetable comes back into view. no more superearly mornings. i can wake up at 8 again and still get in to varsity. and my game is back on on tuesdays (all players take note please) and i guess al’s game on thursdays is back on too.
it’ll be good to get back into the games… it seems like a real long time since i played them.
btw: new blog is up: archangel has succumb. go to to read.

nothing else to report really so i’ll finish with a short story i read on the nintendo ds forums:
some guy went to his buddy’s house with his ds. they went to go get some lunch or something and when they got back the dog had pee’ed all over the friend’s bed, and the ds… to cut a long story short it still works but now smells of dogpee.. *snigger* i found it humourous.


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