not satisfied with plain incompetence… they can do uber-incompetence

since hellcom is taking forever to get off their asses and install our adsl line, i have to be content with the connection i get at varsity, or the 56k dialup at home.

no matter how ass 56k dialup is, sometimes its better than the varsity connection… and now they’ve made it worse….

not content having a slow connection that often leaves me waiting for 10 minutes while it logs onto gmail, uct has now switched the proxy on us. trying to open a page using the old cache results in an “access denied” message telling us to use some automatic configuration script. if we don’t: we can’t access any webpages.

ok… so the senior labs have shitty computers with shitty OS’s installed, and the other labs have ok computers (with shitty OS’s installed) but are filled with loud, annoying bastards. well… the senior labs are just filled with fewer loud, annoying bastards.

now that state of affairs combined with stupid downtimes, authentication server problems happening sporadically, and useless sysadmins is not the best, but at least the web surfing was rated at average (when you could log onto a machine and the bandwidth wasn’t being sucked into the nether). incompetent lab administration but ok internet… not “good”, but not “fucking terrible” either.

but uct always manages to take something and bastardize it / corrupt it into a hated, unwanted thing to scorn at beat and chase out the house while spitting. and they finally got around to the internet.

not content in screwing around in a month’s time when all the current students will be away on study leave, they decide that now is the time to switch proxy on us. doesn’t sound that bad does it? so you use a different proxy, big deal. what’s the worst that can happen? the cache is small and it takes a little longer to open every page?

nope. the worst that can happen (that has so far been discovered by the sysadmins here) is that now you need to log on to the proxy (after having already logged onto the fucking computer with the same gaddamned username/password) when you open your browser. then you need to log onto the proxy every time it opens an https page (as opposed to http). or every time it tries to access an item (a picture, an anchor, almost every character of text) from some pages (making them impossible to open). and finally (for logging on) you need to sometimes just randomly log on for what appears to be no apparent reason whatsoever. oh, and clicking “remember this fucking password” doesn’t do shit.
and then there are the freezes. since using the new proxy the number of browser “freezes” have increased on an exponential scale (and they were pretty goddamned prevelant to begin with). opening a page with a fair amount of text or, heavens forbid, some pictures causes firefucks to freeze for a random amount of time from 3 seconds to minutes. and sometimes this affects the entire system and everything freezes except the mouse. 5 minutes of staring at a frozen screen, slowly meandering the mouse cursor around from corner to corner, is not in any way whatsoever zen! its fucking boring and fucking annoying.

in fact the freezes sometimes come “just because.” for example: while typing this text, without opening any other pages, i have experienced upward of five six browser freezes.

so we’ve gone from shitty environment with ok net access to shitty environment with shitty net access. maybe it’s for easy classification purposes. now we can just refer to everything with one word: shitty.

it’s gonna be great to finally get out into the working world, especially if hellcom has installed our adsl by then. *laughs* like they’re that efficient ever… i think they’re in competition with uct sysadmins to be the biggest pile of useless shitbags in the country.

little do they know: the government has them both beat hands-down… but that’s another argument entirely.


3 Responses to not satisfied with plain incompetence… they can do uber-incompetence

  1. Mr Angry says:

    Dude, I’m getting the impression that you’re just slightly frustrated.

  2. Andy M. says:

    Yeah. The wide world. Won’t that be great. Working at a company that actually pays money for it’s internet connection!

    And has to make a profit.

    And cuts corners.

    And is run by people with enough money that “the internet” is this thing that other people do.

    I hope you work in IT if you want to experience “the internet”.

  3. zenstar says:

    mr a: slightly is an understatement!

    andy: i’m going to be working as a developer. code jockeys need net access and the company i’m going to be working for is actually fantastic in its setup and employee treatment & interaction.

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