our fight with hellcom

October 10, 2006


we all know what it is (if not then google). all international readers probably have it at home (or some other form of broadband) and would be aghast to know that, when at home, i’m still flailling aroung the internet with a 56k modem.

moonflake and i have ordered adsl, but we’ve had some problems…

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news type stuff…

September 1, 2006

panties, government officials, and robots… what do they have in common?

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vegetables and liars

August 30, 2006

something i hadn’t thought about before (here) but our <sarcasm>fantastic</sarcasm> health minister is breaking the law with her idiotic claims about veggies. you see, the problem is that her claims are unproven and “…any claims of therapeutic effectiveness made without clinical trials and approval by the Medicines Control Council were illegal.” also “anything considered therapeutic should be registered for that purpose, and people have to submit proof that it is therapeutic….[a]nd until that is done, you cannot go onto public fora and claim that it is therapeutic.

the medical proffesion already says that diet is important, but not as important as ARVs. without a good diet you’ll have a real shitty time on ARVs and probably not last as long. without the ARVs you’ll die (well… die a lot quicker).

so next time you see miss potato-head advocating her veggies overall other treatment (does she own an african potato farm or something?) remember this: that’s yet another goverment official lying to us and breaking the law (blatantly) without fear of retribution.

you have to love a country this corrupt. it’d make a great setting for the next doom game: researcher on mars accidently open a portal to what they thought was hell and their facilities were run over by criminals and corrupt government officials. As the lone surviving marine you’ll adventure through a martian research facility torn apart by lawlessness while battling squatters and misinformation every step of the way.

and just in case you thought miss potato-head’s veggie medely was actually good and just not proven: read this and this.

it looks like some good hearted researchers have had a look at the african potato and garlic and their effects on HIV patients. guess what: not good! not good at all.

In terms of the African potato (hypoxis plant), a study conducted into its safety and efficacy had to be terminated because most of the patients who had taken the extract had shown severe bone-marrow suppression.” – don’t we need our bone marrow? well i guess if you’re going to die soon then you don’t need it all that much (and if you’re on manto’s diet you will be dying soon).

ok… so the anti-AIDS mash potato is off the menu then. what about garlic? garlic has been used since the dawn of time for all sorts of things like pizzas, getting rid of unwanted relatives with bad breath, and various other medicinal purposes. that’s got to be good for HIV sufferers right?


While Visser acknowledged that garlic has been used for medicinal purposes for 5 000 years, it had been found that when the extract interacted with some anti-Aids drugs, it reduced their effectiveness [and] some forms of garlic damaged stomach membranes and caused an increase in bleeding time in some people, while onions increased gastrointestinal discomfort.

dear sweet baby god of mankind in a stable full of donkeys! not even onions? what the fuck is up with that?

well basically what has been said here is this: manto is lying! in fact she might be trying to kill you if you have HIV (and make you gassy if you also like onions).

if i were in some sort of law enforcement agency that actually worked (ie: not one in SA) i’d order a forensic audit of manto to make sure she doesn’t own any garlic packing factories, african potato or beetroot farms, or shares in any olive oil or lemon juice manufacturers. maybe she’s just getting a little cash on the side to try boost sales of veggies.

maybe she’s the patron saint of greengrocers?