almost… almost…

November 14, 2005

moonflake is almost home.
exams almost over.
just a day left!

just a hyper-quick entry before my last exam in an hour’s time.
hopefully it won’t be too bad.

i did actually blog on friday except the power cut moments before i hit publish (or was going to hit publish) and i don’t feel like retyping it all so here’s a quick rundown:
exam went ok.
cook was a dick (again).
schpat and i went bowling (the shoes are skanky, the auto-scorer loves me, schpat made 4 strikes and broke 100 on his 2nd game)
and that’s all i can remember.

schpat has been feeding me well (thanks schpat) and saturday night was spent at his place eating home-made pizza (except the base), smoking apple tabacco in the hooka, and playing star wars lego on his ps2.
(ps: thanks for the late birthday present too ^-^)
all in all a good night.

any way… i have an exam soonish so i’m going to go relax a little beforehand.
i’ve spent a fair time studying and can do the 2nd test paper from this year backwards now (similar: a large chunk of the first test).
hopefully the sections i know well will be the sections we get examined on…
hold thumbs!


the battle of midway (through exams)

November 10, 2005

i’m upon campus early.
got my exam at 14h00
i’ve done enough prep.
basically 40% of the paper is architecture and 60% is bullshit
ie: hci, software engineering, and ethics.
while they may not be bullshit unto themselves (debatable) the only way to test your knowledge of them is to ask questions that lead to bullshitting!

well my internet wanderings have turned up a real gem: the official teenage mutant ninja turtles page.
i don’t know about you (but if you had any taste or sense of wonder you’d agree) but i loved the tmnt since they came out. a little dissapointed by the “hero” turtles cartoon, but still fun.
well if any of you watched daytime, friday tv you’d have seen the new cartoon series.
it rawks!
its stuck much closer to the comic books that started off the whole thing (and they are ninja turtles again, not hero turtles).
the drawing style is pretty good and the story is enticing.
i’d love to get them all and watch them.
apparently the new series has been going on for a few years already (in the states at least).

on the nintendo ds front: have published a release schedule here.
amazingly it seems that we’re getting proper treatment in our gaming hobby now days. i remember the days when you checked the euro releases and then added a month and hoped! (wasn’t that just yesterday?)
anyway… go check it out. some cool games coming.
(includes gamecube, ds, and gba releases. had some trouuble with the table formatting & firfox, but resizing the window worked).

i started re-reading my slayers manga.
(i’ve already re-read lum, both maison ikkoku, and all my appleseed).
man… i need to get myself more manga. i love the stuff.
(plus i think more apleseed has been released).
oh well..
i’m off to relax a bit before the exam starts.
see ya later!

one down… two to go…

November 7, 2005

fourier methods exam done.
i mad a couple of small mistakes but i think i passed overall.
it was rough and a little short on time but i think i got the right questions done.
well its over now and its only 1/4 of mam200w.
i only need 43 for this maths exam and 43 for the next to pass overall…
i’m still trying to get at least 50 for each, but its nice to know there’s a little slack.

the weekend was pretty good.
spent a little time studying, a little time watching tv, etc.
schpat had me over for supper last night.
i think maybe moonflake slipped him some cash to make sure i eat while she’s away :)
spent a large portion of the night sitting outside smoking cherry tobacco in the hookah and chatting with schpat and elizabeth.
the cherry and the coke we were drinking resulted in ultra ultra sweetness.
it was all good.
managed to wake up early this morning and was up on campus long before my exam started.

woo: nintendo ds news time –
they are making tenchu for the nintendo ds. magic box says it will be released in japan in spring 2006. hot ninja stealth action ^-^
eurogamer has a little article on tenchu ds. turns out that the viewing angle may be switched to a top down view, switching when you align yourself with a wall. there will also be the ability to set traps and make weapons with various materials. there will be loads of missions with some side quests added too.
can’t wait.

also: square enix are remaking final fantasy III for the ds, and it’ll be fully 3d. hopefully that’ll turn out good.
not too much in the way of pics for either of these posts yet (just a couple) so keep a lookout for more news.

finally: biohazard: deadly silence is shaping up real nice!
magic box reports that there will be full motion video intro, and gamplay will include 4-player co-op and competition modes.

hmmm… don’t really have much else to blog about at the moment.
just sitting up at varsity browsing the web a bit…
got another exam on thursday (comsci) and the final maths on monday so i’m probably just gonna end up studying for the rest of the week…
and then moonflake gets back on the tuesday after ^-^
my tuesday game: cancelled this week (studying)
cancelled next week (picking moonflake up from the airport)

medic! we have a fridge down… call for backup

November 5, 2005

ohayoo gozaimas.
it seems the fridge has packed up.
there’s not much in it except for our reserves in the freezer which schpat has built up for roleplaying nights on tuesdays and fridays.
(schpat gets cheap food from work, moonflake cooks, i wash up, we all eat. sometimes there ain’t no cheap food going and we hit the reserves)
tried to get hold of schpat and let him know / get him to empty the freezer except he is communicado non grata (or whatever… i can’t get hold of him).
it was still icy in there when i last checked and i’m not opening again until we empty it. hopefully everything will be ok.

as for my japanese response…
i suddenly woke up this morning and realised that i totally screwed that response up.
i should have said: “dare anata no chichi des ka?” instead of “anata ga suki des?”
humourously they’re both a similar theme but completely different meaning.
totalwaste: i didn’t mean to say i love you (sorry to let your hopes down).
also: i should have said “domo arigato re: the comment” ie: thank you.
sumimasen! gomen nasai!
this is why i shouldn’t post while tired just after studying maths all day ^-^*

i managed to get the drivers for the bluetooth dongle that schpat lent me.
i’ve uploaded mindless self indulgence – seven eleven on to my phone to use as a ringtone.
msi rawk.
(rawk: like rock but harder!)
i need to get their latest album!
christmas is on its way… hmmm…
msi lyrics are super disturbing though. they describe their music as “industrial jungle pussy punk.”
yes they are odd. just check out some of these excerpts:

i be the cock in a jungle coming for you baby
i be the cock in a jungle burning
i’d meet a good girl but i’d make a terrible boy
i’d meet a good boy but i’d make a terrible girl

from: golden i (off the album: frankenstien girls will seem strangely sexy)


said girls from seven-eleven stay up all night
and i could get a discount
she may not be good-looking
she may not be good – no – no – no
she might not get down
but it’s possible she stays up all night

from: seven eleven (same album as above)

and finally:

I can handle this but i can’t handle anything else
it’s my own mistake – it’s based on me and not on my groin
it’s the little things in my pants that we’re all living for
i never really knew what that thing down there was used for

from: kill the rock (same album)

while surfing around last night (waiting for drivers to download) i discovered a pretty funny webcomic: alien loves predator.
its all done with the alien vs predator action figures and is basically a sitcom about a predator and an alien who happen to be roommates in new york.
pretty funny stuff including a cameo by jesus here and there.

today’s work safety picture:
from: phatty’s place (artistic pictures… ie: panties!)
click it synk… you know you wanna (there may be a japanese schoolgirl outfit hidden there somewhere…)
nb: artistic pictures on some of the gallaries. occasional bare bottom, occasional wet tshirt. it’s art :)

let me end the post here so you don’t waste any more of your day.


November 4, 2005

well i just got online to check for some drivers for the bluetooth dongle that schpat lent me… i found them except they’re 13 megs so i’ll dl them some other time.
i might as well update the blog quick while i’m here.

firefox is reminding me why i took so long to switch to it and maybe i should go back to ie. the only reason why i switched was good timing between synk giving me the software and me having to use it at varsity because that’s all they have in the senior (now open-source) labs.
ff was set to start searching the page when i started typing something (no edit – find – type in new box) except its now interupting me when i do things like type in the google search box. i get one letter off and then the search comes up and complains that it cant find “orn” (and it makes a stupid noise too… a knocking sound).

btw: i responded to the last post’s comments and don’t feel like repeating… read them there.

schpat came round tonight and we went to canal walk to look at more toy stores. he got me a “birthday” present (only 5 months late… he claimed it was ‘cos he didn’t get me one on my bday… i think its ‘cos he wants to play with it ^-^) which was very much appreciated. (thanks schpat).
it was one of those joysticks you plug into the tv and play games on… except its 2 player. so we spent some time playing.
problems: the games aren’t great on this particular model and after about 15 mins one of the joysticks started acting up. so we’ll return it and select something else.
hopefully they’ll have another 2p version with better games.
its the thought that counts anyway.

oh well…
i’ve spent the past few days at varsity studying in the library.
not much fun… but studying needs to be done.
i start writing on monday.
-_-* blegh.
and thats about all for this quick update
type again soonish

tag… you’re it! *honk* *honk*

November 2, 2005

since i haven’t posted a “what? no it’s really work boss” picture in a while… i got two scattered in the blog today ^-^

it must be nearing christmass ‘cos i saw a homeless guy wandering around with a sant cap on. when the homeless are decorated it must be a holiday!

this overhydrated young lass is from sweet strings swimwear.

well not 2 minutes after i finished publishing my last post saying i haven’t been tagged i received a mail notifying me that i got tagged!
oh well…
time to succumb to peer pressure:

1) i have what is probably a third nipple (its on the milk line)
2) i once won a duplo pirate in a competition
3) i have 4 tattoos
5) i passed my drivers liscence on the first attempt but had the comments “can’t maintain a constant speed” and “takes corners too fast” (or something like that) on the little sheet the dude fills out.
6) the only strip club i ever went to was in london (and from what i hear it was 100 times better than anything in capetown)
7) i once hit myself between the toes with a pick-axe but didn’t notice until about 5-10 mins later when i felt a tingle (i was barefoot at the time… and about ten years old)
8) my first pc (ibm style) was an xt before they came with turbo buttons
9) i had a commadore 64 and used to play games on the small, black and white, spare tv. i spent hours and hours playing (and waiting for those damn tapes to load)
10) i’m a japanophile… i love all things japanese. not nearly as bad as some of the more otaku of us out there, but still ^-^

and now a very dorothy-esque milla interlude from

11) i’d love to learn to speak japanese, spanish, and german fluently (in that order)
12) i’m occasionally a little obsessive compulsive (doing things like packing away pocker chips with all the chips facing the right way and put in their proper colour order in each box) but generally just to pass the time, not because it really bugs me.
13) i’ve had multiple multiple piercings (mostly through the ears, never lower than the neck) but they’ve all been taken out now.
14) i miss my tongue ring, but don’t really want to deal with the heal time again and would rather spend my money on other things.
15) if dni (direct neural interface) were available i’d be there… (hook me up doc!)
16) i’ve been to zimbabwe, namibia, south africa (duh), england, egypt, and cypress (while my dad has been to 6/7 continents… and would love to visit the 7th)
17) i was a real pain in the ass as a teenager. funny ‘cos i was a generally happy, well behaved kid until the mid to late teens.
18) i’ve had laser surgery. used to wear glasses (quite stronge ones) for short sightedness (never had contacts) and now i have 20/20.
19) i once tried to get into a pair of leopard print, tight jeans. the only problem was the zip wouldn’t close. i could get the button done up, but the zip just wouldn’t zip up. it sucks ‘cos those jeans rocked! they were teh supah porno.
20) when i was in creche i was hanging upside-down on the jungle-gym and fell off, landing on my head (on the tar they always have under those things). i needed stitches… also had stitches in my eyebrow from being hit with a hockey-stick (thank god for brow ridges otherwise i’d go “arrr” a lot and threaten to make people walk the plank while looking for me dubloons!)

any way.
schpat came round last night. he went into the kitchen and made me some pie!
mmm… chickeny.
we basically arb-ed around the whole night (with a short trip to the waterfront) and ended up playing cards (spite and malice) for a bit too long.
studying is real boring and has been taking up all my time recently!

on the ds front:
got to the magic box and check out the pics for ash.
this is what they had to say:
“Here are some new images of MistWalker’s Nintendo DS RPG Archaic Sealed Heat, from the creator of Final Fantasy – Hironobu Sakaguchi. The game will have pre-rendered graphics, and the battles will have simulation RPG elements.”
it looks pretty nice.
hopefully it’ll be good.

any way. thats about it for now.
hopefully i’ll blog again soonish.