the internet cancelled due to lack of intrest

August 31, 2005

what is up with the net today?
trying to do my advance wars by web turn today and the site is down because it’s gone over its alloted bandwidth…
ok.. lets pop over to
down… something about server response ???
finally (after my usual readings) i try ninty again and their site is up but slow as all hell (and awbw is still down… until next month i assume then… oh well one more day).

i found a review of advance wars: dual strike at gamespot.
turns out they like it… 9.2 / 10 rated superb.
editors choice and everything :) i can’t wait to get my hands on it.
i’m having so much fun with aw2 at the mo.
barely a month to wait…
uk release is 30/09/05 and we normally get games here shortly after the euro release.
today’s picture is one of the commanding officers from advance wars: dual strike.

last night was roleplaying (my kult game). almost everyone arrived late, then complained that we do so little roleplaying, then stated that tonight we’re definitely roleplaying, then proceeded to have out of character conversations about food, news, the police, economics, what aspartime is, a funny anecdote they know, anything but roleplaying.
getting them through this tiny little section was meant to be the end half of a session that we played weeks ago, but the constant talking and complaining that so-and-so is distracting, the TALKING OVER ME WHILE I’M DM’ING, the not listening because there’s an interesting conversation and then asking me what just happened, the not understanding where they are or what they’re doing because only 1 person in the party listened to what i was saying and only heard 1/2 of it because someone is arguing loudly with someone else about the price of cheese and how eggs make great omlettes, has dragged this section out for a looooong time.
i’m thinking of clipping sections out of the game to get it to the end quicker.
basically the rundown is this:
yancke complains that there is no roleplaying happening and will everyone shutup.
moonflake complains there is no roleplaying and she misses playing her character.
schpat agrees to roleplay but grumbles something about jenga or mahjong.
james and synk get ready to roleplay (after finding dice and drinks and whatnot)
i start describing the scene where we left the characters last.
schpat asks some question because he can’t remember what happened last.
yancke and/or synk supply the answer to the question and make derogatory remark about intelligence.
this sparks off a conversation and, not wanting to be left out, moonflake and james join in.
20 minutes later i start describing the scene again.
moonflake remembers this from last time and so starts talking to synk about something.
james asks for some clarification on something and while my attention is diverted schpat joins in conversation (shouting across the table to each other now) with moonflake and synk.
eventually, after trying to get attention, i shout for silence.
yancke asks me what happened because he was reading the newspaper in stead of listening when i described the scene.
schpat has zoned out and no longer worries about yancke threatening him with a knife.
and all this after complaining to me that we don’t roleplay as much as the players want to roleplay adn tonight is definitely a roleplaying night! i don’t tell them this… they tell me this!
i don’t mind a games night. i don’t mind a roleplaying night. i don’t mind conversations about whatever. what i do mind however is being asked to dm, being told that we will definitely roleplay, and then get talked over (multiple times last night), get interupted for nonsensical stories and arguements about yesterdays news (multiple times last night), get ignored because the tatler is so interesting (at least once last night), have to repeat myself 6 times (and i only have 5 players… multiple times last night).
if you want to play then play. if you’d rather play jenga or cards or something then we’ll do that. but if you want to roleplay then roleplay!
and none of you can point a finger at anyone else as you all distract other players and you’re all guilty of at least one of the things i complained about (probably more but you get away with most of it because i’m busy beating someone else at the time trying to shut them up a bit).

back to real world news:
turns out one of saturn’s moons may be supplying one of its rings with debris (the e ring) as it shoots out plumes of water hundreds of kilometers high.


wars wars wars

August 30, 2005

answered another question over at askzenstar today.
if you like ice cream and d&d you’d better take a look.

good luck synkronos for interview thingie.

well today has been pretty quiet again. got up a little late and came up to varsity to catch up on my usuall blog reads, to blog, and to do some coding for my comsci project.
as i was leaving the caretaker tells me that 503 (just down the hall) got broken into on saturday. smashed a window and climbed into the bathroom… only the bathroom door was locked so he only got away with a vacuum cleaner.
man, we’re gonna have to burglar bar everything now. too many break-ins are happening now.

anyway, played a lot of advance wars 2 yesterday/ last night. its so much fun. in the original you only got to play 1 of 3 different commanders in the campaign mode (since you played orange star forces vs everyone else) but in aw2 you get to choose commanders depending which country you’re in (orange star, blue moon, yellow comet, and green earth). each country has 3 commanders and i’m not sure what’s going to happen in the final battles. black hole army is invading everyone. last game it culminated in a 3 on 1 battle against the main bad guy (that was tough). this time the black hole army have 4 or 5 commanders to face as opposed to just the 1.

also: i found a nice little site called advance wars by web (awbw) which does a web based game of advance wars. i started a little game and did my turn today :) its cool. see the map: i’m orange star playing sami. opponent is blue moon playing grit.

in other news: kult game tonight… hopefully we’ll actually play this week, except schpat says his brother gave him a bunch of common yugioh cards and now schpat wants to know if i can find rules :)

in real life news:
scientists have created something harder than diamonds now… those wacky germans always pushing the boundries of science.
huricane katrina is causing all sorts of problems while pushing up oil prices because she closed down some refineries in the gulf of mexico while she passed.

wow… its empty in here

August 29, 2005

vac week has started and campus is empty.
there were 5 other people on the shuttle up today, and there are 7 other people in the comsci lab that i am currently in… a lab that seats ~100 people.
its great :)

before the weekend report, some newsy stuff:
i see synk has finally defected to blogspot. i will change links accordingly :)
like cats? like cute pictures of cats? like cute pictures of cats sitting in the sink? go to
like cats? like cute pictures of cats? like cute pictures of cats with things on them? like to build houses of cards on your cat or balance boxes on them while they sleep and take photos? then you’ll like
look at the cute picture:

the weekend was really great :)
friday was a little dragged out at varsity, but getting home and relaxing and falling asleep during cocktail (the movie) with moonflake was a nice way to begin a fun weekend.
saturday saw moonflake and i bouncing through to constantia to get her boots refunded (3 month old boots and the soles split… unacceptable) since they had no other stock. nice of them to just refund back to card. pity though ‘cos moonflake really liked the boots.
after that little trip, it was out to canal walk to look for a prezzie for my sister since it was her birthday on saturday (not that i’ve actually seen her since the previous weekend, but its the thought that counts… or something). we found a suitable item (thanks mom for the suggestion) at a suitable price and then were free to roam for another 2 hours before the movie.
see.. we made a slight mistake. we bought tickets to charlie and the chocolate factory when we arrived. we promptly finished our shopping ultra-quick and had nothing to do for ages. so we got a magazine from the kilo-style shop (that no longer sells by the kilo!) and spent some time outside, sitting on the grass, resting our weary limbs.
finally movie time came about and we went, grabbed snacks, and seated ourselves. i got a popcorn and liberally drowned it in salt and viniger flavouring… mmmm :) luckily i had a coke too.
the movie was great. fun fun fun fun. johnny depp steals the show as usual. after the movie we were suitably rested and off on our way to have dinner at schpat’s place.
schpat really outdid himself. after a few hours of charging around the kitchen like the proverbial cranially-deficient fowl, he produced a wonderful meal.
deep-fried, crumber brei with black cherry jam for starters (a whole one each!), pork roast with apple sauce, roast potatoes, and veg as a main (very tasty, good crackling… moist… i give it 2 thumbs up), and the “coop da gracey” chocolate mousse with cream and a ferrera rocher for dessert. fantastic!
while all the cooking was going on nick (who was also there) and myself set up schpat’s new dvd player with 5.1 surround (and the little stand things for the back speakers. those were the hardest thing to do out of the whole setup… damn infernal chinese gadgets). schpat seemed most pleased when we were done and a battle scene from star trek: nemesis showed off his surround sound.
meanwhile moonflake and elisabeth had gone to go get something from the shops and came back with dvds.
after supper we were so full and comfy that moonflake and schpat fell asleep while watching ladykillers. (well… they didn’t sleep through all of it… just some bits.)
it was about 1 in the morning though and moonflake had been running around canal walk all day, and schpat had been equally busy.
back home for a nice sleep-in before waking up for sunday.
sunday normally means seeing moonflake’s family, but since we had been housesitting the last few weeks we hadn’t seen them in a while. we headed off to visit them, but made a stop at bayside center on the way just to have a look around. what a good thing to do that was :)
i managed to find myself “advance wars 2: black hole rising” for very little monies as cna is phasing out gba games (ie: sale… more than 50% off the last 2 gba games in stock) because the psp is coming. if that isn’t a bad business choice i don’t know what is.

*start side rant here*
no wonder cna is going down the tubes. i wonder if they realise that they can sell both nintendo and sony products from the same store? they don’t even stock the nintendo ds… a cheaper option (compared to the psp) that has already been out for months and has more game support than the psp. i do not see the psp doing well in this country. as moonflake says: at that price “i’d rather buy a pda.”
R2,600 for a psp from cna… lets not point out that most other places are R50 to R200 cheaper than cna, or that since there have been relatively few games made for the psp, most people with either go for a ds instead (as there are games a plenty coming out for it – see previous posts) or are rich enough to afford 2 handhelds and will probably get both the psp and the nintendo ds.
either way you should still stock the nintendo ds otherwise toy ‘r us and reggies will just take all your customers away from your laughable computer section.
lets not mention the fact that gba games (not ds… gba!) are still in production and gbas (the actual handheld) are still being sold worldwide.
i can see it now: cna big nob: “team, we have a problem! the products in our store are actually in demand. how can we solve this maddening situation?”
some other cna dick: “sir, how about phasing out all the affordable goods that people want and replacing them with overpriced items with very little demand. people will soon realise that if we stock something, they can get it somewhere else cheaper.”
big nob: “excellent thinking. have a biscuit.” throws doggie treat. “initiate that idea. we’ll call it ‘plan stupid.’ the cash will be rolling in. right! onto the second problem of the day: i feel there are too many pens and pencils in our stationary section. there’s too much variety and choice for our customers and the quality is altogether too good…”
cna ass monkey 3: “but sir, the quality is so bad that just last week some kid lost his spleen by writing with one of our pencils.”
big nob: “that’s not bad… but we can do better!”
and thats the reason why cna is slowly banckrupting itself! but i got my game cheaply so i’m happy :) thanks cna.
*end side rant here*

so after cna we pop into a clothing store (edgars… i think) and ‘lo and behold a sale :) moonflake spent the money that got refunded on her boots on clothing :)
so everyone was happy and we had macdonalds double cheeseburgers.
the visit with moonflake’s folks was pleasant as always (barring minor drama over some drunken moron driving into moonflake’s gran’s car). since we hadn’t been there in a while the 21 questions (trivia thing from one of the newspapers) that we usually do after supper had turned into 84 questions :)
back home to sleep.
and that brings us to today :)

a quite yet busy day

August 26, 2005

well as usual my fridays are full of lectures and tuts, leaving little time to do real blog postings (but i try anyway).
amazingly enough someone has asked a question over at askzenstar which i will attempt to answer as soon as i finish this blog post.

not much in the news today (what little time i’ve had reading it) but i’m sure if i’ve missed anything good schpat or moonflake will post on it.

roleplaying last night was fun… much mecha-d&d action, plus we found schpat’s character again (schpat had taken a short break due to work) and got tonnes of rewards for being so brilliant and stuff :) always good.
turns out synk will be joining our group soon… i think he should play an anti-paladin and discharge all over the enemy, but the rest of the party keeps whining about needing someone who can heal or something. *shrugs* whatever.

i did find a rather interesting site through blogexplosion today. dog eat doug. a cute site with a regular comic. find the link below.
its a really cute little comic about a baby and a puppy seen mostly from the puppy’s perspective. they’re generally short and easy to read plus the guy links to a whole bunch of related stuff.

blogexplosion seems to be working decently for me. i got a whole load (about 13) more hits than usual the other day. i’m unsure if they all came through because of blog explosion or if anyone actually stayed to read or click on things… but my counter is happily climbing so i’m content.

that’s basically all for today… an amazingly short post.
live long and prosper.

scalpels, worms, and zombies

August 25, 2005

visited my parents last night (both are back from ther respective trips now) and my mom had gotten me a copy of the latest nag magazine.
thanks mom :)
in it i see the release date for “trauma center: under the knife” is set for december… yet another game i need to get my mitts on.
now that is a cool concept for a game.
you’re a junior surgeon and you preform operations on people using your stylus as a scalpel. i just read an interview at and here’s a little snippet from that:
But through Nintendo Japan, they met with a doctor supervisor from a university, who supervised the development of the game. He actually played it to make sure things were accurate. It’s a game, it’s not super-realistic, but there are concessions to reality.
its gonna be cool… they’re already planning a sequel.

other gaming news: worms is coming to the ds :)
yep… those lovable, cartoon, bazooka-carrying maniacs will be blasting onto our (small yet touch sensitive) screens in the near future.
see some pics here.

even more gaming news:
the original biohazard game is being mad for the ds. name not familiar? that’s because it was known as resident evil in the west.
looks like it’s going to be real funky. using the touch-screen to wield your knife, wipe blood off the screen and solve puzzles. cannot wait :)
go find some pics here.
they’ve worked ds into the title by calling it “biohazard: deadly silence.”
note that all the backgrounds are true 3d and not pre-rendered like the original.

in non-gaming news:
i have been added to blogexplosion now :)
maybe this’ll up my traffic… i guess we’ll see.
also: ork-khrist has succumb to the blogging madness.
now we need to get holey crusader to move his blog over (and update the damn thing) and synk to abandon the wiki (and also update…).

been looking through the net for rules on playing texas hold ’em poker since seeing celebrity poker on the e! channel and seeing a poker tournament on espn the other week. looks like a fun way to play.
schpat… when is the next poker game (and can you convince vultar to join?)
rules (all text good explanation)
rules (a little difficult to read around the ads)
rules (nice layout with pictures)

in the news news:
funny thing… was talking with moonflake yesterday about the concord… now japan is about to test a new supersonic airliner that’ll approach mach 2 using a solid fuel booster.
turns out the japanese and french have been developing this jointly since the concord crashed, killing 113 people, and was decommisioned because it was too costly to maintain, too short ranged, and ,oh yeah, crashed killing 113 people.
read more here…

slashdot reports that the us pentagon is designing a laser cannon small enough to paste onto a fighter jet yet powerfull enough to knock missiles out of the sky. unfortunately they’re calling it: The High Energy Laser Area Defense System or hellads. (don’t ask me why there are 2 l’s… typo?)
i think they should call it: Generally Overpowering New Area Defence System.
hung under the fighter jet…

final news bite aol has been fined $1.25 million because they’re difficult. basically people have been complaining that its just too damn difficult to unsubscribe from aol and that their requests are often ignored or made unduly difficult by the customer service representatives.
all this stems from the fact that aol had a bonus scheme set up that meant that a certain quota of customer retention was required to receive said bonus. so the customer service representatives were making it as difficult as they could to unsubscribe in order that they get their bonuses.
moral of the story: aol is sucky.
they have promised to go through customer service reforms.

well that’s about it for the day. since no-one asked any questions for askzenstar today, i guess i won’t answer any (especially since i still need to think up a backup question to ask myself… maybe i’ll harvest my rpg group tonight… heh heh heh)
ooh… roleplaying today… it’s been a while (what with the housesitting and whatnot) and i’ve kinda missed it… can’t wait.
(maybe some pre-game jenga too).

wow… that dog is a shocker

August 24, 2005

let me open up today’s post with a link to the world’s ugliest dog (in the world *snigger @ moonflake*)…
it really is a scary sight.
what’s even more scary is that you can buy t-shirts and fridge magnets of the thing… that’s one way to keep on diet: every time you go near the fridge you feel sick. stop you from eating.
oh well… every animal needs a loving home, and sam’s owners obviously are proud of him.

look at this picture of some penguins to calm yourself:
phew! now that that’s past lets get on to some minor news…
we were meant to roleplay last night (my kult game) but food was taking a while to cook and since 50% of the group (including me) were waiting for the food because we hadn’t eaten yet, and because schpat brought jenga, we ended up playing games instead.
we had a jenga tower that had no possible moves left (unless you do that magician thing where you whip the tablecloth off leaving the table set… only with a wooden block, leaving the tower standing)
followed by a few rounds of lunch money… (schpat: click the link… downloadable rules stuff there… make a reference chart).
a fun night was had by all (especially with all the grabbing going on *honk honk*: lunch money funny).
and a question was raised about touch attacks and stuff in dungeons and dragons (3rd ed or 3.5) which i will answer later today on ask zenstar.

america got advance wars: dual strike for the nintendo ds. yep… that and nintendogs were released yesterday (or today… or something).
lucky lucky basts!
sounds like the game is rocking. i seriously need to get my hands on advance wars 2: black hole rising for the gba.
i’ve only ever played the original advance wars and would really like to get my mitts on a copy of aw2. if anyone spots it out there let me know.
(if anyone is willing to sell me their copy let me know and we can negotiate price…. even better: if anyone out there loves this blog so much that they need to send me a gift, let me know *cheesy grin*).
i neeeeed the games.
how am i meant to procrastinate without them?

i caved in to peer pressure today and joined blog explosion today… wonder if i’ll get accepted?
i may be bounced but i think i’ll just be tagged “profane” and get added.

got some varsity holidays coming up. end of term on friday, one week off.
i’ll probably be coming up to varsity to work on my comsci project in peace (and to blog of course).


August 23, 2005

so we have a new lecturer for architecture in comsci.
turns out he’s another irish guy.
he’s pretty damn funny and his lectures are informative and interesting.
this makes a change from the other irish guy (software engineering) who was crapper than a crapload of crap!
humourous thing is this:
this guy loves code and tells us he thinks software engineering is a load of crap and he thinks he failled the section when he did it.
the other guy tells us how software engineering is the best thing since sliced bread and how coders equate to janitorial staff in his eyes (basically).
i’m expecting a bomb-blast to rock the comsci building any day now.
i wonder if one of them is protestant and the other catholic?
seriously though… what are the religious viewpoints on code vs software engineering?
religion might be more interesting if they started making statements about this sort of thing…
“here at the vatican we believe in windows as we can understand microsoft’s marketing strategies and they comfort us.”
“here at the 7 day adventists we believe in command line based linux becuase we’re just as difficult to understand and no-one really cares.”

in other news:
square-enix, the company that is responsible for many great rpgs for a variety of consoles/ platforms, is set to buy out taito, the guys who gave us bubble bobble and a whole host of good games, both arcade and home based.
turns out taito is in a bit of a slump while square-enix is on the rise, so both companies have agreed that a buyout would be the best way forward.
read the article here.
this can only mean good games a plenty :)
i loved square. i love square-enix. i’m sure i’ll love whatever they call it next… square-enix-taito ?
someone tell waynne to check out this blog and to follow the link.
(moonflake… i’m looking at you here ;)

not much else to report today…
remember all my players: kult game is back on today.
after a long hard trek through abandoned alternate-city blocks, meetings with strange denziens, a short-lived shopping spree at a 1980’s miami 7-eleven, and a night spent in an old cyberchurch… you have finally made it into a giant machine and are ready to continue your journey.
schpat: you are not allowed to play a wino!

also: i’ll be updating askzenstar again later today, answering vito’s question.
also also: i’m over the $5 mark with google :) keep on clicking my beauties…
*rubs hands together*
yes… yessss… ssoon… soon…
*evil laughter*