it’s raining in my simulation

October 24, 2006

only one week of varsity left and the weather chooses today to spew a torrent of liquid wetness down upon us. it couldn’t hold off a week. as a result i had to walk up in said torrent and am wet from the mid -thigh down. luckily my raincoat (one of those german nato things that everyone seems to own) is pretty damn good.

fortunately the lecture was most amusing. it was on quantum computers and related.

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not satisfied with plain incompetence… they can do uber-incompetence

October 17, 2006

since hellcom is taking forever to get off their asses and install our adsl line, i have to be content with the connection i get at varsity, or the 56k dialup at home.

no matter how ass 56k dialup is, sometimes its better than the varsity connection… and now they’ve made it worse….

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unconsentual data storage

September 18, 2006

wednesday last week:

after a long, hard day of coding and database design for a group project for varsity, we were standing around when one of the group made a shocking announcement…

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