been busy

June 17, 2006

well the exams went ok.
i’m now busy helping out at my dad’s shop.
hopefully i’ll only be needed for the following week.
then i’ll get some actually holiday, lazy time.
maybe then i’ll be able to go abuse the internet up at varsity.
until then…


another speedy update…

June 5, 2006

just a quick report back.
the exam on friday went ok.
as i suspected, the first half was tough but the second half was easy.
i expect a decent pass for that.

moonflake and i spent saturday watching battlestar galactic
(the new movie and series)
we finished the last few episodes on sunday morning.
(thanks holey crusader for lending it to us)
it was pretty decent except for a couple of irritating things.
some of the characters make stupid choices.

a military man choosing the government’s side over the military,
later he chooses a terrorist’s side over the government’s.
there was no real character growth leading to these decisions.
i think george lucas is secretly writing for some of the characters…
(yes. sometimes it is that annoying)

also i think the whole religious aspect is a bit overboard.
the president starts seeing visions after taking some hippy cancer drugs,
(i did like the bit where the doctor says: “oh. you’re one of those.” after she asks for the hippy remedy)
and then gets roped into believing she’s some sort of messiah…
and everyone who finds out just goes along with it.

some of the characters are more believable…
like the psylon (sp?) agent who doesn’t know she’s a psylon, but suspects it…
and doctor bulthar (sp again?) is fantastic.
is he mad (and mad lucky) or has he got something implanted in his head?
there are some real fun story lines and it was great to watch.
especially great when you don’t need to wait a week between episodes.
and i wouldn’t mind seeing the next season…
(the first ends in a huge cliffhanger)
but overall i’d rather see another series of firefly.
or see some better character writers get involved.

any way.
next exam on the 13th.
thats a week after my birthday :)
this year my birthday is the 6/6/6.
birthday of the beast!
(and i don’t mean the blue guy).

i’ll update again when i can.

sporadic update

June 2, 2006

to everyone that wished me good luck for my exams: thanks.
just a quick update before i go off to write an exam.
for some reason it starts at 16h00…
and is 2 hours long (or one and a half… the lecturers seem undecided).
typical uct organisation.

i’ve been studying and playing soul calibur 3.
that’s about it.
nothing really exciting.

schpat brought around some ask a ninja podcasts last night.
they are damn funny.
basically: it’s a ninja. he answers questions in a uniquely ninja way.
go have a look.
and a quick link: another artist site. (also a shadowrun artist)
r.k. post has some damn cool art.