and still they search

a relaxing weekend of x-files, mst3k (“hobgoblins” and “the thing that would not die”), and food. hopefully our (moonflake & myself) adsl will get installed soon, but since it’s dependent on telkom it could take a while :(

and our copies of wow have been sitting there waiting for so long….
some searches since the last post:

“frott” – of course. i expect these to keep rolling in.

“ice cubes in urinals” / “gotta go drain the main vein” / “peeing large farthest” / “make your own cleaners in kitchen pee” / “woman using urinal “picture”” – besides the general pee theme, the last two are kinda disturbing.

“”sweet strings swimwear.”” – when you find the site, send me the link too ;)


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