the assault continues…

September 30, 2005

i took a short “time out” from elfbashing to teach babyacid not to complain about undead assassins on dark throne. a quick plundering of gold later and we’re currently in alliance negotiations (“NO ELVES ALLOWED!”).

today being a long varsity day, not much has been happening other than lectures. not even my usual news sites have anything interesting to say…

metroid pinball will be coming out for the nintendo ds sometime soon… its going to ship with a gba sized cartridge that is actually a rumble pak, so you put in the usual ds-sized cartridge and the rumble pak. graphics look quite nice…

roleplaying last night was fun… we’re sneaking into an enemy keep, in an enemy city, for some devils!
well at least the devils’ll keep the demons busy once we get in. we also have to pull off an assassination while securing a little magic item to stop more demons being summoned. *sigh* war is hell… literally!
we hear rumours of a merric, the generic cleric, being around (our name for him)… he’s not really that generic and more “evil as a bastard” as far as we can tell.
well we’ve made it into the city, now we need to breach the keep walls without getting breached by their defences.

thats pretty much all i have to report today… go read something interesting now!


the undead walk… and attack

September 29, 2005

i’ve tried dark throne now and can say it is entertaining.
i don’t know how long it’s going to hold my attention (probably not long knowing my attention span…) but for now i’m having fun building up a little army and attacking people who have no army (spies are useful).
basically its your standard empire builder with resource management. you get untrained citizens which you train to be miners / soldiers / guards / spies etc…
and you need to do things like upgrade fortifications and but weapons for your army, all of which costs cash…
i’m of the opinion that other people have my cash, so i send my army out to collect it for me.
i’m playing an undead assassin (there are 4 races and 4 classes).
my army is reletively small (especially compared to the people of the same level) but is decently equipped (i’ve only been playing for 2 days now… population is still ds central has a few pictures of the upcoming pokemon: mysterious dungeon.
basically there’s going to be 2 versions of the game… one on gba and one on ds with some for of connectivity between the two (probably both carts in the ds).
the story revolves around a human who has been turned into a pokemon. you will turn into different pokemon throughout the course of the game.
basic gamplay: enter a randomly generated dungeon and partake in search-and-rescue missions while battling in the classic pokemon style along the way.

hmm… seems blogspot is having problems with uploading pictures today so picture this: the image of a knight with glowy green eyes in the top left corner of this post… and a screenshot of pokemon: mysterious dungeons next to the paragraph about the game of the same name (my brother from another mother).

and that’s pretty much it for my day…
i’m going home to relax / play advance wars 2 / watch tv.
roleplaying tonight should be the start of an interesting adventure…

*blink* *blink*

September 28, 2005

i am so tired…
finally written my last test (for now) this morning…
last night’s math test went ok… i don’t think i did as well as i was hoping to do, but i think i did ok.
this morning’s comsci test (nice scheduling assmonkeys) went ok. i totally did zero studying but still managed to muddle through alright.
but all this shit has left me real tired.
i need sleep… maybe i’ll go home and nap!
…and get back to some advance wars 2.

oh: and the fuckers in the comsci dept have given us something more to do. the day we hand in the hci project they put up an essay topic on our forums. its a pants essay on computing as a profession that compares the cssa (com soc south africa) and the bsc (british soc of computing)… and its due for next friday. at least that’s a week away (like anyone is going to do anything this week, esp after the week most of us have just had…).

found a cool link on the nintendo ds forum i read: a free and legal roms site… they don’t do any commercial roms but still have a fair load of stuff (including games and demos and whatnot) on a variety of platforms…
go check ’em out at
also: ubisoft have a couple of cute little things for free download (some minigames and wallpapers and things) oer at their website.
look in the downloads / goodies section.

anyone looking for a nice avatar (especially if you like anime and animated gifs) try anime-kun. look at the gifs animes. lots and lots of stuff.
(btw: the site is french but easily navigable / understandable).

nintendo ds news for people in south africa: has released advance wars: dual strike, castlevania dawn of sorrow, and meteos for order (each at R360). stock should be arriving very soon.
i’m still waiting for nintendogs to be released (expected: 7th oct)… ork-khrist still owes me some cash which will go towards getting one of these games (still undecided which one, but i’m leaning towards nintendogs first).
btw: they also have shaun of the dead (dvd) for only R93.

oprah was super-ultra-hyper-rude-X last night on her show.
she was doing some around the world thing with women from all over the world doing little bits on her show and she had some icelandic women there. firstly she tells her her shark is rotten (the food she brought) and then phones up their prime minister’s office (thankfully he wasn’t in) and proceeds to put on a stupid icelandic-ish accent and patronise the poor guy that answered and tell him that he must tell the pm that next time she’s there she’ll see him for shots and lamb testicles (they like their drink in iceland and lamb testicles is one of their food things).
he was probably thinking: “goddamn drunken yanks got hold of an icelandic phonebook again… if i catch you you’ll have more than lamb testicles to deal with!” (only in icelandish… ^-^’ ).

*sigh* anyway… that’s about it for today… go away now.

weekend of the dead and killer dolphins

September 26, 2005

land of the dead rocked!
friday was a fun night of being dressed up like a zombie, wandering the mall, watching a cool movie, and having a fun afterparty.
thanks nu-metro in canal walk…
thanks antonio at the one ring in observatory…
thanks schpat…
i even got a vote (just 1) for best dressed zombie. i guess all the hard work paid off… i don’t mean hard work on the zombie costume (i did hardly any work on that), i mean all the hard work i did at varsity: left me in a zombie like state, i just added fake blood…
well done yanke, schpat, and moonflake (the top 3 zombies).

this must be a plot for a b-grade scifi movie…
the observer is reporting that hurricane katrina has released military trained dolphins into the gulf of mexico. 36 dolphins “armed” with toxic dartguns are roaming the free waters.
these dolphins have had training in attack-and-kill missions since the cold war.
there is concern that the dolphins may mistake people in wetsuits as possible targets and dart them…
the darts are designed to put people to sleep for later interogation, not so much fun in the water.

oh.. i should have been a little clearer on fridays post: it was national dog week in america… if you didn’t follow any links you wouldn’t have spotted that ^-^’

quick gaming news:
gta: liberty city stories for the psp is shaping up nicely and is expected to be done by the end of october (probably american release date). the price seeems to be about normal for current psp games ($50 means sold here for R350 – R400). go view some more pics at the magic box.

and finally the lazy weekend report:
saturday was relaxed. got up extra late, lazed around the house, watched lemony snicket’s series of unfortunate events, ate some food… and that’s about it. the movie was cool… the clothes were awsome.
schpat and james came round for the meeting we (project partner and i) were meant to hold, but my project partner was running late and the whole thing got postponed. schpat had managed to poison himself since yesterday (either from eating the fake blood, or getting a dodgy burger from mcdonalds).
sunday: got up a little late. my project partner came round and we held the meeting that we needed to hold and i handed over my section of the work which i’d done so that he could finish it off for tuesday’s handin. (i get to study for a maths test so i can’t do much more on it now…).
thanks james and moonflake for your help. thanks schpat for trying… get well soon.

anyway: i’m off to d/l solutions to tuts so that i can go study maths… cya

*edit*: wow i had problems putting the pic into this post… blogger was uploading them but not generating the html and addding it into the post so i had to open previous posts and figure out how to link them (where to link them) and do it all manually… *blegh*

national dog week and answers

September 23, 2005

well it seems that national dog week is about to end (sept 18 – 24) but since i think its national, not international, i’m not too surprised i didn’t hear about before now.
looks like nintendo are doing their bit for the pups as nintendo insider reports here.
inspired by nintendogs’ fashion, the aspca (american society for prevention of cruelty to animals) is holding a doggy fashion show, supported by nintendo.
there will be a grass-covered catwalk (dogwalk?) and dogs strutting their fashionable stuff, looking for adoption.
owners can get caricatures of themselves and their dogs, all sorts of spot prizes (nintendo DSs, nintendog games, etc…) and there are interactive nintendogs stations.
Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto (*bows down to the great miyamoto*) will be attending. some of you may recognise the name as the man behind such small titles as: mario bros., donkey kong, and the legend of zelda.
its happening this saturday (sept 24th) in new york, so any american readers out there (like i have international readership.. yeah right!) go have a look and have some fun. all the contact stuff is available at the bottom of the article.

oh! also, if you have a little spare money, there are some other victims of hurricane katrina to think about: the pets! go to the aspca website and donate… they need all the help they can get (or click the pic below to go straight to the donation page). they’re helping out all that they can. *takes metephorical hat off to the aspca*

now to answer a few comments from yesterday:
fourier methods vs fourier analysis…
they are fairly similar except the fourier methods we are doing (mam200) is a little less detailed than a full engineering fourier methods… its kinda the detailed introduction into the subject.
as for the gaming news comment: i must ammend that i generally don’t keep up to date on the pc gaming world. basically i look at the nintendo stuff (‘cos i have a ds) and get the console news that lurks around the handheld news. i occasionally keep an eye on the psp (‘cos i’d like to see how well its doing and its an interesting new foray into the market for sony) but my pc news is restricted to getting nag magazine every month.
as for fable: it was out on console ages ago (if i remember correctly) and was a bit of a dissapointment (overhyped), but they did do extra work into the pc version before releasing it so it may be a lot better now (on pc).

as for my life news (you’re gagging to hear it, i know):
the test last night went surprisingly well.
spent most of yesterday studying in the library for it with a classmate and we managed to swot up on the necessary stuff. i did some informed guessing for a question or two, and turned out (post-test discussion with the brain of the class) to be correct. ^-^
i estimate a 65%.

zombies tonight *YAY*
land of the dead and wandering around malls in full zombie costume… yeah.
its gonna be great. try make the canal walk 8’o clock show and join us for the movie and afterparty at the one ring.
check schpat’s blog for details.

roleplaying last night led us to an interesting junction. we are currently fighting a war against an army that’s supported by demons. we recently had a proposal of help from a devil. devils hate demons (mutual feelings). this could turn out good… or bad…

and thats about it for today… got projects to do over the weekend, and test to study for on tuesday and wednesday, but after that life should slow down for a short time, so i’m holding on till then.

avatar wanted… must do windows

September 22, 2005

got a day of studying and test writing ahead of me now…
turns out this test will be 45 minutes long (just like the previous fourier methods test).
now the major problem people had with the last test was the time. 4 questions in 45 mins was too much in too short a span. but some fuckers got 100% (fuckers!) so his response was: “some people,” i guess 2 people, “got 100% last time so there is obviously plenty of time.”
but he has also previously mentioned how badly everyone did overall in the last test… wtf?
one or the other mudderfugger! you can’t have your cake and eat it, unless you want partially digested mush-cake.
this is why he doesn’t supply notes anymore… he thinks people did badly because they aren’t coming to lectures… i’ve missed 1 lecture… i did badly in the first test.
maybe its because you’re a crap lecturer?
maybe if we had notes we’d be able to study something concrete and not simply confuse ourselves over the random examples which we take down from your lectures (which need correcting because you often make mistakes!)

and other text books don’t really help too much because he’s steering the course between fourier analysis and fourier methods and some internal malfunction that is his alone. this means all textbooks don’t aproach the suject from the proper direction or cover everything we do, while overdoing stuff we don’t need.
oh, btw: tonight’s game will have to start a little late (people who play in the game: you know who you are) due to arse fourier test!

i’m currently hunting for a decent avatar for my profile… its difficult finding the right one (well.. it is for me) so the little soldier dude (advance wars: green earth infantry) will have to do until i find something else.
i have found a bunch of animated gifs though… so today’s post is littered with the occasional one.

advance wars by web is still down :(
they’re having problems with databases being moved and not everything migrating with them. this leads to lotsa screwups.
hopefully they’ll be back soon.

there seems to be a slump in the gaming industry at the moment. news is scarce, but there are a bunch of games about to be released here so i’m happy.
of course i have precious little time to play anything right now, but in a weeks time i should be free and clear for a while (until exams arrive).
as for news in the real world: nothing interesting catches my eye.
saw something about “ants using herbicides in their gardens” but i’ve read about that ages ago (years) so its nothing new, unless they’ve discovered something new (how’s that for a statement?). either way it doesn’t intrest me enough to afford the click.

so thats about it today then…
need to go off and do some studying (i am so sick of studying) and maybe have a smoke and a bite to eat.
at least there’ll be zombies tomorrow. that should give me enough energy to do the hci project on saturday (i’m sick of comsci projects now too).

insert humorous title here

September 21, 2005

well last night’s comsci prac test was easy.
basically 2 questions…
q1: read in an array and spit it out again (with some fiddling)…
q2: read in some numbers, fiddle, spit out answers…
first q took about 20 mins, 2nd q took about an hour simply because i screwed up a for loop (increasing the variable x instead of the variable spam resulting in an infinite loop followed by a seg fault) and couldn’t figure out where the fuck-up was, especially since i put in some funky cout and then forgot that i had made it so funky and was all like: “how the fuck is it read in that value???”
(btw: yes, i really do use variable names like int spam, string thing, int wikki, etc…)
but after i spotted my error it took but a few minutes to sort out and complete.
the automatic marking said i had 100% so i should pass the other datasets that give us our actual marks (and that we don’t have access to so we can’t hardcode the results).
test tomorrow though will be a lot more difficult being that its fourier methods. i’ve d/l’ed previous tests and solutions to the tuts which i’ll print at home and study tonight and tomorrow day.

not much happening… there’s a new dungeon rpg heading for the ds called wizardry asterisk: hiro no fuuin. magical punctuation or japanese naming conventions? we’ll have to wait and see… (actually: it looks like a good old eye of the beholder style game).

also coming up is a psp game called shin megami tensei: devil summoner which is a remake of an old sega saturn rpg/quest thingie. looks cool.

all the metal slug games are being ported to gba :)
ah… those are some great arcade hits.

not much else happening at the mo.
schpat came round last night and we chatted lots…
will probably be doing the comsci project on the weekend.
weekend will be busy with land of the dead, bast’s party, projects, sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom, etc…
anyway… i need to go to a maths lecture now.