2 down and 1 to go

well last night was a complete ball-ache!
i arrive at varsity and park down in sports center parking. this was followed by a brisk (+/- 10 minute) trek across varsity to the menzies building where the test is being held for people with the surnames starting a-m.
upon arrival i join a group of 20 or so people who are standing around being told that there’s no space here, in spite of the 3 or 4 completely student free rows of seats. obviously they had fucked up the numbers and hadn’t sent enough papers to this venue so, instead of sending one of the tutors to go get us some papers, we get sent to the zoology building where the other half (n-z) are writing. this entails crossing back across varsity to arrive at the venue after everyone else has started writing.
by this time i’ve completely lost my “writing test” frame of mind and proceeded to do the first question twice. after a few minutes i’ve calmed down and gotten my breath back and begin writing properly, only to discover some nasty facts.
1: the stuff i learned (start at point a and derive b to get to c) from the previous 2 tests has been altered (start at point c and derive a to get v) and is unfathomable to me in my current state of mind.
2: when our lecturer told us the test was an extension of our notes he lied. he should have said “i want sex with all of you at the same time so i’m going to fuck you in the ass with the test.”
3: the fucker next to me had a cough, and he coughed throughout the test with varying intervals from 5 – 25 seconds between coughs.
then we get told that for the people arriving late they’d give us 5 extra minutes… which they gave everyone! so much for fair testing. next time why not just poke me in the eye with a sharp pencil when i arrive, sit me on a chair that’s missing a leg, and give me a quill and pot of ink to write with. oh, and why not switch the test for some quantum mechanics and tell me i have to answer it all on half an a4 page too. i’d probably be in a better frame of mind then.

this morning i left early to get to my comsci test (write at 9 in the fsking morning… bastards) and managed to breeze through traffic to get to the jammie shuttle mega-hyper-early ™.
while sitting on the shuttle waiting for it to fill a song came wafting over the radio… familiar yet not…
it was a lounge act of wonderwall (originally oasis… if you remember shately singing it you are old. strange thing is a saw shately on the way to my test last night…)
the song was odd. you imagine a guy in a baby-blue suit with a pink (sorry: salmon) shirt not buttoned all the way up to display gold chains and chest hair crooning along vaguely to the lyrics while leaning over someone at their table. i was waiting for a break in the lyrics where i was sure he’d ask: “hey, how’s your steak?” *does the finger-gun thing and wink at the audience while showing off his white caps in a dazzling smile meant for the ladies*
“…nobody feels the way i do about you now… hey, i hear the lobster’s great. and after all, you’re my wonderwaaaaaall… enjoying yourself tonight darlin’?”

after that fun-fueled trip i got in to varsity with plenty of time to waste while waiting for the comsci test to start. a bit of browsing through the net in the comsci labs and then off to write.
i stepped up to the building with apprehension, smoking furiously. after last night i wasn’t going to trust a simple class test again… my ass still hurt from question 4.
the doors opened, people began filing in…
i found a cold uncomfortable seat (the best in the hall) and filled in all relevent attendance slips…
the time came: “turn over your papers and begin!”
30 minutes later i walked out laughing.
first half of the test: write a lot about common sense (human computer interation… great)
second half: write the stuff you spot learnt last night… you remember those 2 pages you read right? (software engineering… short ‘n sweet for once)
now if tonight’s test (more maths) is like this morning’s i’ll be happy.

spent some time last night putting together an ork army list for james. turns out the previous list was about 600 points too high (2100 instead of 1500).
i came up with something i think would work and a couple of alternates.
when i get a chance i think i may do some conversions to be added to jame’s army. he did drop off a big box of orks and bits on the weekend for a reason.

hopefully it’ll stop raining soon as i have to go off to maths (fourier methods followed by introductory algebra… not as easy as it sounds. introductory is misleading. kinda like “likes kids” is misleading until you find out that it refers to a kiddie fiddler.)
oh well.
i’m sure there was something else humourous i was going to mention… but i can’t remember…
you get off light today then.


3 Responses to 2 down and 1 to go

  1. schpat says:

    That wonderwall cover is really crap! Do you know why? It takes itself way too seriously! And it sucks!

  2. zenstar says:

    yeah… it was kinda sucky
    but hey.. lounge acts need something

  3. rachel says:

    the cold circle of life is helped by a warm cup of java

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