dirty hunting

September 29, 2006

i really get some very wierd searches pointing at my blog.

there are some very odd (and scary) people out there, looking for some very odd (and scary) things. how they arrive at my blog is occasionally a mystery to me (sometimes i’m to blame, but not always).

here’s a selection of searches, and my repsonses:

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September 27, 2006

moonflake just forwarded me a link to sickipedia.

a wikipedia of terrible jokes… i love it :)

for example: Two paedophiles are on the beach. One says to the other “Excuse me, you’re in my son”

or: How do you get an emo out of a tree? cut the rope

as for the what i’ve been doing recently:

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unconsentual data storage

September 18, 2006

wednesday last week:

after a long, hard day of coding and database design for a group project for varsity, we were standing around when one of the group made a shocking announcement…

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jingle bells jingle bells…

September 12, 2006

well… not quite the right holiday, but i’m on holiday (again), so i decided to recap on the (very) short first half of this semester.

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post = null

September 6, 2006

i feel like i should be posting something…

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news type stuff…

September 1, 2006

panties, government officials, and robots… what do they have in common?

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hair evolutionists

September 1, 2006

why are there no barbers anymore?

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