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October 31, 2005

i gots a bit to blog about due to the massive lack of being up at varsity (and hence unable to blog).

firstly: moonflake made it safely to new york but had hell getting there…
if i had realised it was an saa flight all the way i would have been more worried than i was when she didn’t phone around the prescribed time.
eventually i heard from her at about midnight (roughly) which is about 10 hours late…
saa overbooked the flight from jhb to ny and hence moonflake had to go to atlanta and organise a flight from there to ny.
of course, since saa are a bunch of hopeless fucktards, her luggage never arrived in atlanta.
she managed to get a flight to ny and is now safely at her apartment there, but does not have her phone charger, her plug adapter, or any clothes other than her jacket that she took carry-on.
this just after work bought her all that corp-wear too.
hopefully they’ll find the case and she’ll get it back, but saa has done this to the boss’s wife a couple of times before… and the last time they never recovered the luggage… ever! its still out in the ether somewhere, traveling country to country looking for a home, a welcome face, a… nah! some fucker probably stole it!
if you are planning a trip anywhere: make sure it isn’t saa!

i gots me a new phone ^-^
well… it was my dad’s phone but he hates using it ‘cos all he wants is a simple makes-calls-and-has-easy-alarm-function kinda phone.
so i swapped my far simpler phone for his nokia 6600.
it is sweet. i know there are better phones out there but i’m quite happy with this one. it has a colour screen, does true tone stuff, and is generally more fun than the one i had before.

talking about fun:
nintendogs rocks. i now have 3 puppies: rocket (he’s a miniture daschund), jessie (she’s a beagle), and sparky (he’s the newest addition: a japanese breed called a shina ibu… or something like that).
i can’t really say its a game. you “play” games. you interact with nintendogs.
its really a pet simulator, but without the aging or dying aspect. the worst that can happen is the puppy gets non-responsive and runs away from home for a short while if you don’t pay it any attention.
and since we can’t have pets in the flat, nintendogs suits me just fine ^-^

i saw ghostship recently.
it wasn’t that bad. i rather enjoyed it and like the little twist it had.
it doesn’t win any awards for best anything, but was fun enough to veg in front of.
tv should be pretty good soon: halloween draws near (tonight?).
if it isn’t i’ve always got my appleseed books to read. in fact i’m rereading them now and then and i forgot how much fun they were.
shirow is great!
extra shirow link (pics).

thats all i have time for today…
i’m actually up at varsity to study with a russian student doing fourier methods with me.
i may be here most of this week so updates may happen…
also: no time to do the tag thingie… but i never got tagged so there :p


last day of lectures

October 14, 2005

no more lectures for the year!
monday was meant to be the official end, but i have no maths on a monday and my comsci lecturer was like: “hell no! i’m not coming in on monday… its hard enough getting you to come to lectures normally.”


*does a little dance*

ahem… anyway…
i get a newsletter from both the uk nintendo site and the sa nintendo site right…
on the 8th i recieved one from all about nintendogs just been released on the 7th.
today (the 14th) i recieve on from all about… guess what… nintendogs.
they’ve finally started copy-pasting the newsletters and sending them a week later (‘cos it probably takes those geniuses a week to do that).
all they changed is the final little panel about the uk nintendogs bundle for 99 pounds (i’m surprised they even did that much).
ninty sa is terrible.
i’ve tried registering games on their site and nothing works.
you can’t see their flash menus with firefox (i blame firefox for this myself, but hey…).
i’ve emailed their support twice and never had a reply. not even an automated “thanks for your mail” reply.
they’ve recently started a buy online section that’s more expensive than, even after delivery.

talking about nintendogs and take2: my copy has arrived for collection (yay!)
but its unlikely that i’ll get through to it today because i have tuts till 4 and they aren’t open on saturdays (boo!)
but i don’t have varsity on monday so i can get it then (yay!)

today’s “hit the boss-key” pic isn’t that bad:
sponsored by gary begin photography

now for the real bad news:
with exams coming up and me not being at varsity much (i may still pop up every now and then) updates are going to become far less frequent and unpredictable.
not too much i can do about that unless someone wants to sponsor the phonebill *looks hopefully at the working people out there*
oh well..

i discovered, last night, that my world of warcraft character is on the wrong continent to meet up with the rest of them (synk, ork, holey)…
i’m gonna have to start up a new character…
not like thats a major problem at all ^-^
note to self: do not jump into the ocean!

real news: china has two taikonauts up in space.

short post

October 13, 2005

not much happening today.
spent yesterday afternoon playing world of warcraft, yesterday evening eating chippies (mmm… prego sauce) and watching tv with moonflake.
lectures are almost over for the year and i only had comsci this morning so i’m going to be going home soon (can you guess what i’ll be doing before roleplaying?)

today’s “where’s the boss?” picture:
sponsored by
you’ll notice how i move the pic around so you never know where it’ll pop up, just for that added suspence and excitement.

roleplaying tonight should rock!
we gots trouble heading our way and we’re gonna need to open up a can ‘o whoopass on it before running away like little girls!
i hope our druid can handle a demon on his own…
(and i hope that damn stone is where we think it is)

i’m sure i was going to complain about something, but i can’t remember what it was that i was gonna complain about… oh well ^-^ couldn’t have been that important then.

undead war ends, undead go to war… is it true love?

October 12, 2005

my affair is over. darkthrone offically bores me now.
like young puppy-love i was lured to her by the potential and the possibilities, and quickly i was playing with her and discovering new things, but just as quickly i found myself going through the motions waiting for that promised jewel of excitement. merely clicking her buttons until the time seemed right and i was allowed to attack, which led to a brief high of elation, but all to soon i realised that that was all she was to me: a brief high that couldn’t hide all the wasted clicking. in the end i wasn’t sure i could stand clicking her anymore, and i can always find another who’ll let me attack things… in fact i think i’ve just been seduced by a far sexier world of warcraft.
basically there are 2 ways of playing darkthrone: turtling and all-out offence.
there is no inbetween.
there is no personalization.
either you never attack and shove everything into defence and money (the defence is there to protect the money, the money is there to pump the defence),
or you get your money by trying to crack the turtles and steal all you can. all this money has to be pushed into bigger and bigger armies so that you can crack bigger turtles for more reward… anything in defence is wasted as you can’t defend against another all-outer unless you turtle and turtle don’t attack.
basically its lost all its charms. my army seems generic. i may as well have selected a radio button during sign-in that allowed turtling town or offensive army, and then i could just log in once a day and see what has been automatically worked out for me… it would save me having to click so much.

on the other side of the coin: world of warcraft is seriously addictive in spite of the buggy server.
i recently learnt (as an undead warlock) tailoring. mug a few mindless zombies and scarlette initiates for linen… combine for bolts of linen… combine with coarse thread for cloth robe :)
i now wear a little robe thingy just ‘cos my character made it. its lower armour (slightly) than something else i could wear, but its his.
i think i’ll learn enchanting as my second proficiency.
i still come across the odd server problem, eg: i can’t seem to teach my imp a spell he should be able to learn, but it only detracts minorly.
(btw: synk… go search the net for updates please…)
in fact now that lectures are over i think i’ll be going home soon to play a little more.
when nintendogs arrives i’ll have to carefully plan my time… ^-^*

talking about varsity: got my maths marks back for the last tests…
introductory algebra: 65%
fourier methods: 73%
not too bad… much better than the first test results and balancing my year mark nicely. also makes me feel a little more confident about the exams.

the game last night started, was interrupted by various things (including an unneccisary lecture on how tax works… we all understood, we just couldn’t convey that we understood…) and then yanke had to go do some varsity work so it ended and was replaced by texas holdem poker again.
the first round was a waste of R5 as someone *glare* insisted on upping the blind ever 15 mins and i was bled out by the increasing stakes without actually playing (properly) more than 1 hand… and i wasn’t betting loosely. Synk took that round.
the second round was better but synk and james sucked all the luck off the table leaving the rest of us watching pennyless. james eventually took it, but by that time i think people were willing to bet it all just to finish. it was 1:30 and synk had already made his buyin back (james needed to buy back in early on).
if we play again i suggest an end time at which point we cash in the chips and call it before we get too tired and uncaring.
i actually did some planing for the kult game and have some exciting twists and turns to play out… maybe we’ll get to them one day. at least it saves me having to plan next week.

today’s “see if someone is watching over schpat’s shoulder” picture:
sponsored by: fayreform
(not the best link i’ve provided… but world of warcraft calls)
finding good pics here is actually quite hard. i wonder if people look over my shoulder in the labs and think “echii!”
*shrugs* whatever… i know synk appreciates the links ^-^

whoops, undead

October 11, 2005

keeping with the peek-a-boo at work situation (especially for schpat) today’s random, slightly non-worksafe (if you’re corp.) picture:

(sponsored by’s gstring gallery)

forgot to set my alarm last night so i woke up this morning as my first lecture started.
discovered that after the 9am rush the jammie shuttles get pretty laid back with people in the line just kinda lounging back waiting for the next bus to amble its way to the pickup point.
of course after 9 they drop you on the wrong side of campus (like the wrong side of the tracks only not as good): the social science side!
had to push my way through all the artsy riffraff (i was tempted to randomly hit a couple of the ones that looked like art student… i still hold a grudge about that shitty art film before sin city) to get to the real side of campus where real sciences are taught.
(socsci is not a science dammit! quit fooling yourselves).
on the walk up to the shuttles, at the subway at the train station, some mad dude was screaming away in some unidentifiable indigenous language. he seemed to be directing most of his energy on the people who were walking a few meters in front of me, but still followed me through the subway.
luckily i had korn blasting through my headphones so i didn’t have to deal with his shouting, but my adrenalin levels were getting ready for trouble.
thankfully there was none. i conclude that mad homeless people must sleep until about 9 except on garbage day.

managed to get the wow server working on my machine and spent some time playing an undead warlock with a panda cub as a pet. lots of fun except when the scarlette initiates gang up on you.
(yes: the undead have some quests that are very similar to some human starting quests).
probably gonna play a little more of that when i get home today, before the kult game starts.

ah yes: tonight is my kult game :)
maybe we’ll get a little gaming in this time, if everyone makes it.
the summoning has yet to happen…

in gaming news:
some fuckwit has gone and created a virus that turns your nintendo ds into a brick. a similar thing was developed for the psp. technically they are trojans, not viruses, but the outcome is the same: dead system!
the guy that made the ds trojan claims he dislikes people using illegal roms and that’s why he did it, to help the legal homebrew scene. he claims it is called so only illegal users will get it.
problems with that fuckhead’s statements:
it was actually released as and claimed to be a hentai images rom (not illegal at all… just echii)
other people now have access to it and can strap it to whatever they want.
people are now scared away from the homebrew market because they don’t want to take the chance of getting it.
well done fuckhead. you just stabbed your precious community in the balls and left behind a virus (trojan).

on the plus side:
ds central has a review about trauma center: under the knife. they gave it 4/5 stars and seemed to like it muchly.
i’ll be keeping my eye out for that one.

elves and essays

October 10, 2005

comsci have done it again!
they posted on our forums saying the essay should be submitted electronically.
the essay was due today at 9am, so i submitted it last night. plenty of time.
of course i arrive today to discover that on friday, at about 10:40, there was a post saying all essays to be printed and submitted.
i check the forum after my lecture which ends at 10:00am. if there is nothing new then, then i log off. if the post after 10:00am (say, 10:40am) then i don’t see it until the next weekday. so when do they post imortant announcements?
at the last fucking minute!
so i had to run around this morning printing out my backup copy and handing it in, late of course… fuckers!
luckily i emailed myself a copy as backup, expecting the dept to ne a bunch of assmonkeys that i expect them to be.
i was going to blog today about how i finished the essay last week wednesday and how, for once, i actually didn’t spend the last second sorting it out (not that it improved the calibre of the essay), but thanks to the fuckwits in admin i can’t!
at least i got 78/100 for the final demo of my project (that only took them forever to mark), now all i need is the software engeneering mark for the project (which means that i still don’t have the project mark back, and varsity ends in a week).

at least the weekend was a good one.
moonflake was still feeling under the weather on friday night so we didn’t go with the group to watch sin city. we had a peaceful night at home in front of the tv instead.
saturday morning saw me heading off to ork_khrist’s place where synk, holeycrusader, ork, and myself sat down to a day of world of warcraft.
we had the lan server (a little buggy) and we took a group of nightelves from 1st level to 6th level, had a break for a while while synk fought with the tv, then started a new group of humans and took them all the way to 8th level (well… almost: i was 80 xp away before they forced me to log off… 80, thats all…).
it was awsome.
there was much fun had by all especially when we discovered that you could strip your characters down to their underwear and make them dance (we were all playing female characters). ^-^*
sunday morning at 03h00: arrive home and sleep.
sunday morning, sometime later: moonflake and i went to go see sin city at canal walk. it was fantastic. moody with great visuals and great stories. i loved the style and just the whole thing was really slick and well polished. i suggest watching it if you haven’t yet.
unfortunately there was some crap on before the film started: a 5-10 minute art film by some wits art student (who i would like to punch in the face) about baby rape in the townships, using all sorts of symbols and crappy, artsy-fartsy film technique to produce a load of stinking, slushy, boring shit!
it was horrendously bad. i think a 5 year old retard would have come up with better images than this wits “supergenious.” *picks up sarcasm that has dripped off and replaces it back on top*
man that “art” *watches the word quiver in fear after being referred to in that tone* film sucked so much ass that it could have cleaned the bowels of the entire poulation of china… maybe that’s where it got its imagry from!
the rest of the sunday was spent lazing at moonflake’s mom’s place and being fed good food!

last little news thingie: world of warcraft has a boardgame *gasp in surprise at the marketing machine in action*. find it here. i think the rules are available there too. looks like it uses cards and pieces and stuff.

and thats about all i have to report at the moment…
still waiting for nintendogs to arrive for pick-up…

spies like flies and dead plans

October 7, 2005

i would not want to be a spy in my employ!!!
whenever i choose a darkthrone victim to attack i send in spies first… but to check the spy defence i send a lone spy to have a look around before the 5th column move in.
i have lost more spies that way!
on the plus side i’ve almost doubled my offensive power in just 1 day :)
the more offensive power the bigger the turtle i can crack…
the bigger the turtle the bigger the goldpile…
the more gold the more equipment for my army…
the more equipment the higher the offensive power…
repeat :)

roleplaying last night was haywire!
the plan… the plan.. the poor, poor, dead plan.
after finally deciding on a possible plan we got ready to execute it and then promptly threw it to the wind and ran around like crazy attacking left, right, and center…
luckily we’re able to handle a fair amount of rough and tumble, even when confronted by a giant pair of pants…
in fact we function quite well without one of our members completely…
*looks at a certain player who was looting dead bodies throughout the entire combat even though he knew there was fighting happening right outside the door of the room he was in*
things are gonna get crazy next session (more crazy) as we have a demon coming down the stairs that have 1 party member gaurding it, we have a small army preparing to storm up some stairs with 2 partymembers guarding that, and we have exploding traps guarding what we hope is our prize which is hidden behind closed (trapped) doors… and then we need to escape!
at least we succeeded in the assassination… well it was more assault than assassination, but the end result is the same: his head in a pillowcase in my backpack :P

there may be some sin city watching happening tonight… i can’t wait to see that film!

not much happening on the gaming front again (in fact almost all the news sites i read were stagnating with yesterday’s stale news…) but expect things to start heating up soon.
moonflake ordered nintendogs for me today ^-^
(memo to self: pay the R25 outstanding to moonflake)
hopefully it’ll be ready to collect from take2 soon.
thank you moonflake *kiss*

and thats about it for today… gotta go to a double maths tut now
~_~ zzzz