the disclaimer!

This blog ( contains opinions.

most of these opinions are the author’s.

do not believe anything without proving it to yourself first. i will try to provide proof for my claims, but i am lazy and don’t always follow up. so always do your own homework before setting your opinions in stone based on what is presented here.

besides, most of this is just parody and/or ranting meant for humour and/or interest. if i call someone a crazy mofo it does not mean that they are a crazy mofo… it just means that in my opinion they should be wearing a straight jacket.

you are, of course, allowed your own opinion which may differ from mine. but if it does be prepared to defend your opinion as i will mine.

if you are religious: do not push your religion on my page! you are entitled to your beliefs and i cannot take that from you… however everyone else is also entitled to their beliefs and that includes the belief that there is no god.

no conversions allowed on my page unless i’m doing the converting! wordpress is free. go create your own conversion blog if you must.

ummm…. i think that about covers it… all trademarks and brand lables are copyrighted by their respective owners… erm… if anything appears here that shouldn’t, please inform me (post a comment) and i’ll try remedy the problem… uhhh… this blog is based on events inspired by real life.

that last one seems to work for movies :)


One Response to the disclaimer!

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