unconsentual data storage

September 18, 2006

wednesday last week:

after a long, hard day of coding and database design for a group project for varsity, we were standing around when one of the group made a shocking announcement…

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jingle bells jingle bells…

September 12, 2006

well… not quite the right holiday, but i’m on holiday (again), so i decided to recap on the (very) short first half of this semester.

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post = null

September 6, 2006

i feel like i should be posting something…

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hair evolutionists

September 1, 2006

why are there no barbers anymore?

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frott through the heart, and you’re to blame… you give love a bad name.

August 31, 2006

i got frotted this morning.

In psychiatry, the clinical term frotteurism (no longer called frottage involving rubbing against a nonconsensual person to achieve sexual arousal or even orgasm, discreetly without being discovered, typically in a ) refers to a specific sexual disorder. It is a paraphiliapublic place such as a crowded train. <from wikipedia>
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the cul de sac of life

August 29, 2006

life’s meant to be about the journey and not about the destination right? well guess what: when you’re driving in a car the journey is not about the journey… it’s about the destination, and if you want to get there alive don’t drive like an asshole!

below the cut is a story about the asshole drivers i’ve had to deal with recently. before we get ther a couple of interesting links:

some guy dropped his ipod in the plane toilets and got interrogated as a terrorist for it… (total waste provides link)

and tachikoma robots :) the spider-like robots from ghost in the shell – someone has actually made a little one that runs on batteries. i want one. (thanks moonflake for the link)

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August 26, 2006

well i’ve crossed over…

i’ve finally been dragged into wordpress due to the opening of the thurteem blog.

i needed a username so i just went with the whole thing. what can i say… i’m a sucker for “free!”

so i’ll give this a testdrive for a bit and see what it’s like. ive already spotted one minor problem that i’ll try fix: wordpress assumes that every new line is a start of a new paragraph…

in my opinion paragraphs should be started by 2 presses of the enter key (ie: a single blank line) with 1 press resulting in just a line break and not an entirely new paragraph.

this is especially annoying for me beacause my writing style means i’ve got paragraphs all over the place :(

well… whatever! maybe my writing style will change, maybe your reading style will change, but either way lets talk about food!

if you’ve been reading my posts recently then you’ll know that i had “bird & beads” for lunch/supper (lupper? sunch?) yesterday.

well tonight i try the refry! since there’s loads of leftover rice (it was spicy spanich… a flavour reminicent of a porn title) i’ve decided to attempt the impossible: refry the rice in the fatty residue of cooked pork bangers!

of course this means that i’ll have to start off by cooking pork bangers, but a fryup is a fryup. i forsee no real problems with that (famous last words?).
as for refrying: i think i heard that you can do that sort of shit with rice. i know there’s a mexican dish (frijoles?) that’s basically refried beans. and bubble and squeek if refried leftovers. and rice is kinda like the bean of the rice plant / tree / weed / thing (what is a rice plant refferd to as anyway?).

since its kinda a rehash of a bunch of recipes i shall create its name from a rehash of all of those names while also giving it that zesty, overpriced-coffee-shop spin.

bujoles bang! (pronounced: buh-hole-ess bang!): a sumptiously double-prepared serving of delicious, spicy spanish rice soaked in the rich juices of the accompyaning peppered pork bangers.

read: leftover rice (i hope it doesn’t burn) with out-of-the-freezer bangers all fried together in an artery-clogging mess.

i wonder what i’ll do with the leftovers of this meal?

can you re-refry something?

you’d think i’d look up recipes on the internet since i can follow “back of the pack” instructions so well… but i live dangerously. you’ll never know when my cooking will kill me (either through poisoning or because it’s been “remade” so often that its come back to life).