moonflake just forwarded me a link to sickipedia.

a wikipedia of terrible jokes… i love it :)

for example: Two paedophiles are on the beach. One says to the other “Excuse me, you’re in my son”

or: How do you get an emo out of a tree? cut the rope

as for the what i’ve been doing recently:


the long weekend was dominated by schpatcon 7. luckily i managed to finish all my varsity stuff on friday so the weekend was free of worrying about work. got to see evo.llusion and various people that i don’t see too often, ate lots of chilli and hotdogs, and lost loads of sleep.

it was fun, but i’m still catching up on lost sleep.

and there was no electricity this morning. moonflake discovered this fact this morning (she wakes up before me). it seems localised to just us which means i’ll have to try find the dude with the keys and sort out the problem when i get home. hopefully it won’t be a hassle. it looks like the geyser may have tripped the board.

we have a board in the flat, but nothing on it was actually tripped. the geyser switched looked suspiciously misaligned though, and its given us problems once before. but the mains was up and we still had no ‘lectricity. this indicates that the switch for our flat has tripped downstairs. don’t ask me why there are multiple trip switches hidden throughtout the flat. that’s just the way it is.

anyway…. that’s all that’s been going on recently.

go amuse yourself somewhere else now.


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  1. kyknoord says:

    Let’s see now… deadline or browse sickipedia? Hmm. Really tough choice.

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