unconsentual data storage

wednesday last week:

after a long, hard day of coding and database design for a group project for varsity, we were standing around when one of the group made a shocking announcement…

standing with his back facing us, looking longingly at his laptop, he sighed softly before uttering the comment: “i wish i could mount my seconday storage device.”

we laughed. he looked shamedly at the floor and requested our silence in harsher terms… we laughed even more.

for non-unix type people i will have to explain:

eunichs, and unix fans have something in common. they do not understand “mounting.”

they know it has something to do with making a connection, but they don’t really “get” it. it’s kind of like the way a guy can understand pregnancy in theory, but he’ll never really “get” it either (except for the guvinator of course).

it’s like they went to a party once and overheard a conversation from the “cool” crowd who were talking about their wildest “mounting” moments. In a sudden fit of trying to be cool, mounting was introduced into the unix world. (eunichs, being slightly wiser, simply went on guarding the harem and singing sweetly).

but, being unix fans, they didn’t understand exactly what should happen when things get mounted, but they understood that things get inserted into things. that sounds kinda like a disk drive or even a usb flash drive, so mounting was assigned the purpose of connecting drives… and data storage devices of all sorts.

but unix mounting doesn’t follow the normal rules for mounting. you stick your little 2″ flashdrive (this is probably the source of many unix-fan problems…) into the socket, ready to spew data all over the hardrive, and nothing happens…

you’re all connected, the plugging has been done, but nothing’s happening… from a unix perspective you’re not mounted yet. i bet that the original mounting plan involved plugging and unplugging your drive repetedly for 2 minutes before you could send your data across… but only after begging your computer for 4 minutes prior to let you get access to the usb slot.

but, forever allegedly efficient (in their minds they are), you can just whip it out and shove it in. then you need to tell the machine that you’re in there and ready for hot data swapping. that’s the point when you mount in unix. you tell it what you’re mounting and where, and then it looks and deals with it.

in real life, if the “target” is unaware of your mounting or which slot you’ve inserted something into either your target is a *ahem* evtreme vetran pornstar, or you should quietly slip out and cry in shame.

eunichs think you’re talking about horses, but they’ve got great sopranos.


7 Responses to unconsentual data storage

  1. totalwaste says:

    so when i insert my usb player into my pc with windows running, the fact that it gets all excited and registers everything immediately should tell me that i’ve got my technique down?

    is that why i’ve been getting the error message “incorrect port! incorrect port!”? i thought is was a bit of a squeeze…

  2. zenstar says:

    that’s not your technique… that’s auto-mounting!
    auto-mounting is cheating.
    it’s like buying your girlfriend a vibrator so that you get more time to play quake 3.

    just remember to put that little protective cover thing over the end of your drive otherwise you’ll get bits of fluff and junk stuck up where it doesn’t belong, and then you’ll transfer it into your pc next time you mount.

  3. Synkronos says:

    “it’s like buying your girlfriend a vibrator so that you get more time to play quake 3”

    Say, aren’t you playing a lot of Q3 atm?

    Moonflake, is there something you’re not telling us??

  4. kyknoord says:

    I’m sure there’s an auto-mounting function called “Fast Unix Connect”, or FUC for short.

  5. moonflake says:

    synk: funny, but no ;)

  6. zenstar says:

    synk: i installed q3 on my machine about 4 or 5 years ago and only managed to finish the single player bit just this last weekend.
    but nice try :)
    maybe you’ll have cause for complaint when adsl is installed and the WOW begins…. except moonflake will be playing WOW with me so….

  7. totalwaste says:

    *jealous* i also need a girl to play WOW with :(

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