jingle bells jingle bells…

well… not quite the right holiday, but i’m on holiday (again), so i decided to recap on the (very) short first half of this semester.

i really don’t understand the way this varsity works. we barely start the semester and we lose 7 days because one of the lecturers claims sickness. we then switch to section 2 (because she’s still, allegedly, sick) and we burn through that section like thermite through a car’s engine block. this results in a massive tut load (mainly because the replacement lecturer is an ass) that has to be completed before holidays start so that we can be given a tutorial for holidays…

and then the “sick” lecturer returns with no missing any limbs, no limp, no open wounds, no hacking cough… it would almost seem like she didn’t need more than a week to recover from some disabilitating illness… it almost seems like she has a child (which she does) who caught chicken pox or something… hmmm…

and she wants to do all sorts of catch-up lectures because we have such little time… but she spends 70% of our time in lectures going over simple exapmles. dammit! show us a short example, put longer examples in the notes, and let the stupid people be damned! they’re 3rd year comsci now… if they can’t hack it then they don’t deserve to have the chance.

seriously: wtf? its like the comsci department has given up. “they’re in 3rd year now… we don’t need to teach them anything, they can learn by themselves.”

“so how are we going to examine them then?”

“hmm…. give them boring, long tuts that result in pointless programs that don’t actually do anything. then find the worst lecturers possible and assign them to the class. i want at least 35% death by boredom rates with a 20% suicide due to frustration with idiotic tuts rate. if they can make it through that they’ll be ready to move into the working world and re-learn everything that we never taught them .”

i guess they don’t realise that in south africa it seems to have become a tradition to physically assault a uct lecturer at least once a year…


7 Responses to jingle bells jingle bells…

  1. zenstar says:

    and because i forgot to say something about it:
    go read alien loves predator.

  2. kyknoord says:

    I see you have discovered the true purpose of a university: it’s to weed out the weaklings who are unable or unwilling to engage in pointless, time-wasting activities. This is how people are groomed for life in the corporate world.

  3. totalwaste says:

    i so wish that wasn’t true :(

  4. dystopia says:

    tw: you are not the only one. *cries quietly to self*

    in a way i’m glad i didn’t finish my degree. i have a job and i didn’t have to put up this type of crap. i only had to go through it once in the real world. where by real world, i mean the corporate world which is hardly the real world

  5. totalwaste says:

    no no – that’s the problem. it IS the real world :(

  6. zenstar says:

    reality is all relative.
    remember: there is no spoon
    (then what the fuck are you bending you stupid brat? *smack!*)

  7. dystopia says:

    reality isn’t my relative. none of my relatives have much of a handle on reality

    and the stupid brat with no hair is right, there is no spoon. there is only a mangled peice of metal that was a spoon. stupid git has no respect for the property of others

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