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i feel like i should be posting something…

unfortunately i don’t have much to divulge and not a lot of time to go into something of interest. (hah… and you’ve already clicked to read more… i have you now!)

Steve irwin died…. that sucks. unluckiest sting ever! apparently its a 1 in a 1,000,000 shot that got him in the heart. most people just take a shot to the leg and swell a bit for a while. but steve did always take things to the extreme. he’ll be sorely missed by millions the world over.

as for me and my life: been busy. had tuts to get in (and another that i really should be working on right now) as well as a cv to sort out and an interview to go to. the interview was long (3 hours) and a little nervewracking, but overall not bad. well… that’s my impression at least. hopefully they thought it went well too *holds thumbs*. now just the worst part left: waiting for the reply.

moonflake arrived back :) and had her clothes stolen :(

even our crime is badly organised in this country. in stead of just losing/swiping the luggage at the airport, it took them a full 24 hour period to steal all her clothes. it was a truly sucky way to end what was a really nice day. i hope those thieving bastards rot in a special hell… the sort of hell normally only reserved for politicians, peadophiles, and people who cut you off on the freeway (those fuckers! *shakes fist*)

but such is life in south africa. the crime is out of control and affects everyone. it seems that we lose a few thousand rand to crime at least once a year. last year it was my playstation 2 and a dvd machine. previous years i have been lucky to get away with just a few smashed car windows (costing R600+ each to fix). *sigh* and the government continues to underfund the police.

of course they want an underfunded police force… that way they can get away with all the crime that they do (and there are numerous accounts of goverment commited crimes and corruption… just search some south african newspapers for things like “travelgate”)

whatever… i need to go do some work now.

zen, out!


4 Responses to post = null

  1. totalwaste says:

    oh. i thought it was all part of the anc’s plan to scare off all the lighter-thans, creating a utopian african-african communist society. i must be paranoid.

  2. Mr Angry says:

    Nice circle of hell you’ve created there zenstar :)

  3. zenstar says:

    tw: if you can’t frighten them off you can always kill ’em off… just look at our farmers.

    mr a: it gets worse… eg: since their so underfunded the cops often become corrupt leaving the good cops cracking under the pressure of being the only guy that does the work.
    also scary are facts like: we lose white farmers at a faster rate than allied soldiers were lost in iraq… and i believe that more people were murdered (in sa) in the same time period than people were killed in the latest israel lebenon conflict.

    i haven’t confirmed the figures on that last bit of info, but it doesn’t surprise me.

  4. totalwaste says:

    i’m over here, and i would be extremely surprised if what you said isn’t the case.

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