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panties, government officials, and robots… what do they have in common?

well… panties, cunts, and robots: boys like getting their hands on all 3.

what do they have to do with today’s post? they’re all in the news…

Himeji Soft Works has developed the WR-07 transfomring robot. it converts from bipedal form into a fully functional wheeled vehicle. you can find videos of it here. the japanese have the coolest toys!

their websites are difficult to translate though… while trying to get to the official himeji soft works site i ended up using a translator to try navigate through the jumble of confusing characters. the result (here) is occasionally both humorous and confounding:

  • “The debut of demon round II was Robocantore 4 of the 1st. Dream Mr. raised, and decorated the second place in the temple temple with the rally with the knack knack now since then.”
  • “I do not feel the weight of 5kg from a smooth sheath of getting up and brilliant movement.”
  • “However, the place where approaching king Caesar Jr is mown down only in the place where one hand is paid is exactly demon.”
  • “… it can enjoy animation by the twice by enough last feeling.”


and french women like panties… especially frilly panties! apparently french women spend 20% + of their annual clothing budget on underwear. and not just any underwear: lingerie! the best (and flimsiest) kind of underwear. average expenditure is about 100 euros per woman per year… that’s around 8 or 9 hundred bucks a year on racy lacy panty(s) :)

and now we get to the bit aboutthe government. why is it whenever i mention government i have to tag the post with the “liars” tag? well remember way back when, when the ANC changed the name of jo’burg’s airport to jo’burg international? remember them claiming that places should not be named after politicians (the airport used to be named one) and by renaming it they were <some bullshit about healing and hippies and love> in spite of people bitching about the theft of their history…

well now the fuckers want to rename the airport again. what do they want to name it? oliver thambo international. what is an oliver thambo you might ask (possible hoping it’s some sort sort of meditteranian fruit punch) he was one of the leaders of the ANC. so they want to rename the airport after a politician. people are quite obviously pissed about this.

people are accusing the ANC of “believing it alone ran the country and was the only party with a ‘legitimate history’.” and that they are “making the same mistakes as the [apartheid government]”.

how does the ANC respond? by calling objector “prejudiced” and “ignorant.” so basically playing the race card (in spite of the black objectors to the name change) and then calling people names. fucking primary school tactics. why the fuck do people still vote for them? oh yeah: because they’re uneducated fuckwits and the ANC isn’t helping educate anyone, thereby keeping a huge pool of enslaved voters who don’t know any better.

oh, and just in case you thought the ANC were in any way civil: 3 ANC officials have injured a security gaurd when they barged into a meeting after the doors had been closed. the security gaurd ended up in city park hospital (so it was more than mere bruising or a black eye). why weren’t they in the meeting already? there was a vote to be held about having our health minister fired (because she’s a crazy bitch who’s illegally perpertrating lies which harm the people that voted her into power). the ANC response: call for a 10 minute break…

20 minutes later they had not returned. when someone was sent to call for them because the vote was imminent, they said that they were “wrapping up.”

so they closed the doors on them eventually. i mean you’re meant to be in government here, children. you have to act like big boys and girls and actually do your work in stead of robbing the taxpayers blind and slacking off like the fuckwits you are. upon their return they demanded that the vote be rescheduled (wtf? you screwed everyone else around and now you want it rescheduled because it’s inconvenient?) and the proposal was accepted (WTF? if you keep letting them fuck you in the ass without complaining they’re eventually not even going to give you a reach-around).

of course this is all probably just delaying tactics to keep their “comrade” in power. like the virus she claims can be controlled with a high garlic diet, she cannot be gotten rid of (and is fatal to many people in the country).

and a final dodgy little dealing: the president’s retirement house *cough*mansion*cough* that was meant to cost 8 million rand (holy fucking fuck in a hand-basket) has soared in costs to 22 million rand (jezus fucking motherfucking christos!) and it seems that the taxpayers of the country may be paying for it (what did you expect?).

so there’s going to be a probe into it. we’ll probably never find out the real truth, but i’m betting some inspector is going to become suddenly rich while simultaneously writing an exhaustive report absolving any government official of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

it’s not like it hasn’t happened before with this government and it’ll certainly happen again. my favourite tactic of their’s, when confronted with proof of massive corruption in government, is to turn around and try prove how corrupt the apartheid government was. wtf does that prove? you’re still 100% corrupt. id on’t give a fuck about a government that no longer affects me. i do give a fuck about the government that is currently ruining my life.

i guess i’d better end this now before it gets any longer… on a final funny note: when the TAC were complaining about governments lack of ARVs in prisons they claimed that they were “reinstituting the death penalty through the back door.”

i wonder if it dawned on them that that statement could be read another (somehow quite fitting) way?


7 Responses to news type stuff…

  1. chitty says:

    I suggested that they re-name the airport Chitty Chitty Ban Bang, but they said it was too euro-centric. I tried to explain that I was born and bred in South Africa, to which they replied… “Yeah, but were you a part of the struggle?”
    Fuck, you ust can’t win!

  2. zenstar says:

    just because you’re born and bred in south africa doesn’t make you african apparently.
    i don’t really care what they name it as long as they steer clear of politicians, references to culture, or any of the official languages that aren’t english.
    it may sound harsh but to maintain fairness you can’t name anything after a politician (since they are inherintly unfair), nor can you make a reference to a culture (since there are about 60 bajillion cultures it’s unfair to promote one above another), and finally: learn to speak english dammit!
    if anyone ever wants to communicate with people outside the african continent (for example: people coming to an international airport) they need to speak an international language. english is the only one we have in this country so why not run with that?
    of course the government is probably thinking of naming it in xhosa, after a politician who is important in some sort of cultural manner (specific to a single culture).
    but why should my say count? its not like our government is for the people in any way what-so-ever. i’m just a citizen.

  3. totalwaste says:

    no, no. you’re not a full citizen. you’re second-class. you’re viewed as a leech on “society”, and there’s no help in voting in “society” because you’re vastly out-numbered. suck it up, scum!

  4. totalwaste says:

    oh, and that reminds me. the WR-07: i *HAVE* to have one of those!!

  5. synkronos says:

    I’m quite keen on ‘Joburg International Airport’. It’s kinda… concise. What is it? An airport. Where is it? Joburg. Where do the planes go? Internationally! Why fuck around any more?

  6. Mr Angry says:

    Liberators become oppressors… is there anywhere in the world in all of recorded history where this shit hasn’t happened? *sigh* look on the bright side, you could be in Zimbabwe with that psychotic Mugabe. Oh wait, that’s you in 10 years.

  7. zenstar says:

    mr angry: i was born in zims :/
    it seems that every african country goes to shit after “liberation”

    synk: i agree. unless they’re gonna name it “place of lost and stolen luggage international” they should just leave the name alone.

    tw: yeah… don’t we all want a transformer :)
    as for second class citizen: at least i don’t have to sit at the back of the buss… yet!

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