well i’ve crossed over…

i’ve finally been dragged into wordpress due to the opening of the thurteem blog.

i needed a username so i just went with the whole thing. what can i say… i’m a sucker for “free!”

so i’ll give this a testdrive for a bit and see what it’s like. ive already spotted one minor problem that i’ll try fix: wordpress assumes that every new line is a start of a new paragraph…

in my opinion paragraphs should be started by 2 presses of the enter key (ie: a single blank line) with 1 press resulting in just a line break and not an entirely new paragraph.

this is especially annoying for me beacause my writing style means i’ve got paragraphs all over the place :(

well… whatever! maybe my writing style will change, maybe your reading style will change, but either way lets talk about food!

if you’ve been reading my posts recently then you’ll know that i had “bird & beads” for lunch/supper (lupper? sunch?) yesterday.

well tonight i try the refry! since there’s loads of leftover rice (it was spicy spanich… a flavour reminicent of a porn title) i’ve decided to attempt the impossible: refry the rice in the fatty residue of cooked pork bangers!

of course this means that i’ll have to start off by cooking pork bangers, but a fryup is a fryup. i forsee no real problems with that (famous last words?).
as for refrying: i think i heard that you can do that sort of shit with rice. i know there’s a mexican dish (frijoles?) that’s basically refried beans. and bubble and squeek if refried leftovers. and rice is kinda like the bean of the rice plant / tree / weed / thing (what is a rice plant refferd to as anyway?).

since its kinda a rehash of a bunch of recipes i shall create its name from a rehash of all of those names while also giving it that zesty, overpriced-coffee-shop spin.

bujoles bang! (pronounced: buh-hole-ess bang!): a sumptiously double-prepared serving of delicious, spicy spanish rice soaked in the rich juices of the accompyaning peppered pork bangers.

read: leftover rice (i hope it doesn’t burn) with out-of-the-freezer bangers all fried together in an artery-clogging mess.

i wonder what i’ll do with the leftovers of this meal?

can you re-refry something?

you’d think i’d look up recipes on the internet since i can follow “back of the pack” instructions so well… but i live dangerously. you’ll never know when my cooking will kill me (either through poisoning or because it’s been “remade” so often that its come back to life).


6 Responses to refry!

  1. totalwaste says:

    please please please take before and after photos. of you AND the food. maybe of you with the regurgitated food dribbling down your mighty chef’s apron.
    what?? no apron?! you HAVE to have an apron!

  2. zenstar says:

    while that is a FANTASTIC idea… your comment came too late.
    i did survive the meal and didn’t even regurgitate any.
    it actually wasn’t too bad… it’s amazing what a dollop of hot sauce can do :)

    as for the apron: the only apron i want is one of those lingerie aprons with a sexy girl’s body in skimpy panties printed on it.
    sionce i can’t find (or afford) one of those i’ll have to do without.

  3. Mr Angry says:

    Welcome the dark side… Actually I think WordPress is the light side. Make sure you have your Akismet anti-spam set up. Also, the line break thing, you can do your posts in html which gives you complete control.

  4. zenstar says:

    maybe i’ll do the html posting… you could do that in blogger too, but it didn’t split the paragraphs unless you double-entered (in a non-pornographic kinda way).
    as for which side: i’ve seen blogs on both blogger and wordpress.
    neither are either side.
    they’re a mix of intellectual flowers and purile vomit.
    i guess that makes them the colourful side… with carrot bits.

  5. totalwaste says:

    btw – akismet hating me aside: how do i get an RSS feed from wordpress?

  6. I tried adding some of these to mine and it wasnt the greatest. I will try again!

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