dream armour scrap

blade runner. first quote: bryant tries to convince deckard to go after the replicants. second quote: tyrell talking to deckard about the replicant test.

and today’s quote(s):
[delivery guy]: “Hey, this is a 10. The tab is 13!”
[name removed]: “You’re two minutes late, dude.”
[delivery guy]: “Aw come on, I couldn’t find the place!”
[name removed]: “Wise man say: forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.”
[delivery guy]: “I gotta get a new route. And I thought I delivered everywhere.”

the film was released in 1990.
think 4 artists
think martial arts
vanilla ice starred in the second movie

i forgot to mention this yesterday:
i was outside after a lecture and there’s this big trailer parked behind the comsci building. some people pitch up with a bunch of pc boxes that have “SCRAP” written in permanent marker on the outside and they begin manhandling the pcs into the trailer.
i got a look at some of the insides: ram, cpu, mo’bo, cdrom drive… all still intact. all still inside.
i managed to chat to one of the guys that works for IT here and he said that they don’t test the stuff they scrap because it just takes too long.
sometimes they leave entire scsi setups in the boxes.
and some of the machines they’re scrapping are pIII’s.
perfectly working tech being trashed.
basically these scrap vultures pay a couple of bob per box and then turn it into scrap metal. all they’re interested in is the box.
man… it was saddening to see.
i don’t know about you but i’d happily accept a working pIII, pII, or even pentium.
(moonflake would probably be upset with me for making more of a mess in the flat than i normally do)
you could do a lot with those things…
my dad is still running a pentium (p1 dammit). i’d upgrade him to at least pII if i had one.
plus they’d make a sweet firewall/proxy for when we finally get adsl.
plus, sweet platform to play old dos games on.
get enough of them and you could create a small cluster and supercompute stuff.
hell, i’d dig through the machines just hunting down pc-133 memory to add to my machine.
(yes… i still run an old pIII 800. someday i’ll join the bleeding edge of computing again)
what a waste.

i had another odd dream or two last night.
i was away with a bunch of people, most of whom were staying in this log cabin thing in a field.
for some reason a few of us were a short distance from the cabin in a dirt road and i was looking up at the night sky.
the moon was looking full, when all of a sudden i notice a line down the middle of it.
watching intently, i see the line grow thicker and thicker and thats when i notice that its a reflector of a sattelite that i’m seeing edge-on.
it turns and a tranclucent gold reflector becomes visible as the sattelite passes overhead, only a few hundred meters high.
the feeling of awe was palatable.
continuing to watch, it comes crashing down in a field in front of the log cabin and some of it bounces onto the cabin.
while everyone rushes to make sure the people in the cabin are ok (i knew they were… assesing the damage done to the cabin told me that) i go off to the field to start gathering reflector bits.
when someone asks me what i’m doing i tell them that i’m collecting the reflector for moonflake. she’ll be so happy to get a piece of an actual sattelite.
(i wonder if this has anything to do with our previous conversation about moonrock, how cool it’d be to own, and how much money you could make selling it.)
eventually i wake up.

shift position, close my eyes…

and i’m riding a bicycle down a highway (safely in the yellow lane).
eventually i take a turnoff and stop for a quick rest and to get my bearings.
i know i’m heading for a destination (in that dream knowledge way) but that seemed unimportant to the rest of the dream.
i go cycling through a suburb, looking at the houses as a drift by.
eventually some girl asks me for a lift and ends up alternately sitting in the parcel basket in front or walking next to me while we meander through the suburb.
at some point we pass through someone’s house (they had 2 dogs) and into some more back streets.
finally arriving at a cul de sac that has an entrance to a rather large property with multiple buildings and lots of red dust.
we rode around there for a while and then i woke up.

and wow-europe has some nice armour pictures :)


4 Responses to dream armour scrap

  1. moonflake says:

    bits of crashed satellite? that would have 0wn3d.

    anyway, it’s not you who makes the big computer mess in the flat. Your one pc is intact on a desk. That’s different to the two broken ones in pieces on the floor.

    yes, schpat, i’m looking at you :)

  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The Movie (1990)!! I was young back then!

    You are right your dreams are very odd… entertaining too

  3. schpat says:

    Hah, look all you like! I know you want me…. to get rid of the PC, um PC’s.

    BTW: Nija Turtles!! Got it on the first line.

    Man WV faild and I only noticed 2.5 hrs later! Dang

  4. Mr Angry says:

    Dude, I’m imagining you turning into some shut-in with a hundred PC hooked up in parallel, still scounting dumps looking for some more CPUs

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