just your average day

answer to quote:
the devil’s advocate. not too difficult to get. al pacino plays a great part.

today’s quote(s):
[person 1]: “They jumped a shuttle off-world, killed the crew and passengers. We found the shuttle drifting off the coast two weeks ago, so we know they’re around.”
[person 2]: “Embarrassing.”
[person 1]: “No sir. Not Embarrassing because no one’s ever going to find out they’re down here. ‘Cause you’re gonna spot ’em and you’re gonna air ’em out!”
[person 2]: “I don’t work here anymore. Give it to Holden. He’s good.”
[person 1]: “I did. He can breathe okay as long as nobody unplugs him.”

another quote:
[person 3]: “Is this to be an empathy test? Capillary dilation of the so-called blush response? Fluctuation of the pupil. Involuntary dilation of the iris…”
[person 2]: “We call it Voight-Kampff for short.”
harrison ford, rutger hauer.

not much going on again today (been a real slow week hasn’t it?).
i’ve been browsing the shadowrun site more and more.
its rekindling the need to play a shadowrun game again.
i must mug yancke for the 3rd ed. rulebook.
it has become my duty!
(i’d be fine with a copy of 4th ed. too)
ahem… any way…
i came across some art previews and followed a couple of the links.
one of the artists (kevin wasden) has recently started a blogger blog called splinter.
and he has a website too of course.
another artisit, klaus scherwinski has a website full of art too.
klaus also has a couple of desktop images up for downloading (including an awsome optimus prime illustration).

i found an amusing conflict of articles HERE and HERE.
basically, eskom (power company) is going to spend a bunch of ca$h on promoting gas over electricity to get people to switch (and ease our beaten electricity grid… stupid government…).
they’re subsidising the switching of electric stuff (cooking hobs, heaters, etc) for gas equivalents by giving massive discounts to people who hand over the electic stuff.
quick side note: the article claims (in a positive manner) “ Two thousand appliances have been exchanged in Khayelitsha and Langa in the past few weeks.”
problem with that is this: khayelitsha and langa are “informal settlements” (ie: a bunch of shacks made with whatever crap their occupants could find/steal) and they regularly have disasterous fires because some moronic fuckwit leaves his gas stove or heater unattended. and when a shack goes up in flames all its neighbours go up too because there’s no clearance between their highly flammable shit-huts. would it be wrong if i thought “oh well… a few less criminals, beggars, and drains on social welfare” ?
probably. it’d probably be more wrong if i blogged that here.
back to the main story though (and possibly khayelitsha and langa’s only hope).
so there’s a big push for electric to gas conversion.
but the other article has this to say: “
Gas shortages have hit the country because major gas supplier Afrox has run short of cylinders.”
yep. afrox supply 50% of the gas and they’ve run out of cylinders until the manufacturer opens shop again in a few weeks time (fuck knows why they’re not open now). another major supplier of gas (easigas) had no comment as they’re top brass couldn’t be contacted.
some bright spark managed to accidently bump 2 braincells together and came up with this: “ Preetha Harikishun from a petrol station in Clubview said it was not really a shortage the company was experiencing, but an increase in sales.”
do you have the stuff to sell? no! so an increase in sales has resulted in a shortage dumbass!
to sum everything up: eskom is throwing money away, there’s a gas shortage, dumbasses are making stupid comments, and shacks are going to burn on a more regular basis.
at least the people living in khyaletsha and langa will be kept warm by the flames that are burning them to death.
me personally: i’ll stick to electric heaters and cookers. besides, i’ve got a decent duvet.
man, i wish i had a blanket like that though.


3 Responses to just your average day

  1. Mr Angry says:

    Bladerunner! Also, on the role playing front – did you ever play paranoia

  2. zenstar says:

    unfortunately not mr angry.
    i’ve played mostly shadowrun (2nd ed), d&d (2nd and 3rd and 3.5), vampire, fuzion, witchcraft, and all flesh must be eaten.
    i’ve also dabbled in kult and a few other games here and there.
    my favorite have to be shadowrun, all flesh, and fuzion.
    i might do a “roleplaying links” post at some point… or i might save it for when the thurteem blog comes about…

  3. evo.llusion says:

    Bladerunner, one day i will be first. At least i trumped Moonflake.

    I did have to look at all the clues though =P

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