short post again

answer from yesterday:
willow. high aldwin telling burglecutt which way to go.

today’s quote:
“There’s this beautiful girl just fucked me forty ways from Sunday… we’re done, she’s walking to the bathroom, she’s trying to walk, she turns… she looks… it’s me. Not the Trojan army just fucked her. Little ol’ me. She gets this look on her face like: ‘How the hell did that happen?'”
name the movie.

think lawyers.
al pacino.

quick news:
acording to mr angry: egg is in fact available on pizzas in australia.
it seems it is popped on top raw and cooks in the oven.
i can understand that.
it might even be good.

gaming news:
the playstation 2 is getting a treat (in my opinion): appleseed.
magicbox has more pictures.
sega are aiming for japanese release in sept 2006, it looks reminicent of ghost in the shell: stand alone complex (also playstation 2).
it seems to be a 3rd person action game.
cannot wait.
appleseed manga was written by masumane shirow, the same man to write the ghost in the shell manga.
the games are by different companies however (bandai v sega) in spite of the similar look.


2 Responses to short post again

  1. moonflake says:

    al pacino, devil’s advocate

  2. dystopia says:

    the devil (al pacino), devil’s advocate

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