happy birthday sir arthur conan doyle

yep. the creator of sherlock holmes was born 22nd may 1859.
(random trivia for you)

the answer to yesterday’s quote (yadda yadda):
johnny mnemonic. johnny is unhappy about slumming it :(

and today’s quote(s):
[person1]: [throws an apple into the air which turns into a bird] “Go in the direction the bird is flying!”
[person2]: “He’s going back to village!”
[person1]: “Ignore the bird. Follow the river.”
know what film that’s from?

don’t know the answer? Stupid dikini.
think tree.

so not too much happening today…
i heard that egg is a populour topping for pizza in australia.
i’m trying to get mr angry to give us the low-down.
i guess i could understand a nice fried egg on a pizza.
scrambled would be odd though.
i mean… think about it.
it’d make the pizza all soggy if it were scrambled properly.

yep… that’s how interesting today has been :)

but pizza is a good subject nonetheless:
what constitutes a good pizza?
anything with anchovies is automatically disqualified!
far too fishy!
and what’s this big “macon” thing? give me real bacon dammit!
build a seperate “infidel” kitchen that deals in pork product and give me bacon!
i want a pork chop pizza with real bacon and extra ham!
i don’t want mock chops, macon, and mam.
salami always good!
garlic is a must!
calamari can be good too.
what is the perfect pizza?
can mere mankind ever hope to obtain the smallest taste of such purity?

ok… so i’ve really got nothing to say today.
but i do like pizza.
and i expect an explanation mr angry!

btw: HERE’S A LINK to teach you how to fry an egg on a CPU.
and HERE’S A LINK to a site of pictures. a guy shoots stuff with a pellet gun and uses high speed photography to produce some stunning pictures.


6 Responses to happy birthday sir arthur conan doyle

  1. moonflake says:

    and i think it’s ‘daikini’ anyway.

  2. evo.llusion says:

    Yet again i am seconding Moonflake =)

  3. totalwaste says:

    *sigh* i haven’t seen the movie in years, but thanks to moonflake i didn’t have to guess. *sob*

  4. zenstar says:

    while i seem to remember it being daikini too that was a “copy paste” job.
    maybe its got something to do with pronunciation?
    and totalwaste: you can guess before clicking the comments link.
    just because someone else got it doesn’t mean you can’t too.

  5. totalwaste says:

    to be fair, i guessed, but i didn’t need to was the point.

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