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answer to last quote:
beverly hills cop. (the first one). its axle foley talking his way into a restraunt.

today’s quote(s):
person1: “Does it ever wake you in the middle of the night? The feeling that one day they will pass that foolish law or one just like it and come for you? And your children?”
person2: “It does indeed.”
person1: “What do you do, when you wake up to that?”
person2: “I feel a great swell of pity for the poor fool who comes to that school… looking for trouble.”

no hints today… the quote should be easy enough.

mr angry just had a post about stupidity.
and then i read the local news.
lets start the roundup with cosatu (worker’s union)

cosatu have decided to march… again.
(wow… must be a thursday)
while this isn’t really news there are a couple of noteworthy things.
after the security guards (in their 7th week of violent striking) trashed cape town city center on tuesday (and bunches of people were injured and/or arrested including 2 high up satawu members) the municipality pulled permission for cosatu’s march.
so they started the march any way (hell… what’s another illegal strike in this country) and torched a couple of buses to begin the day (after stoning a bunch of other buses of course… got to work up an appitite for destruction.)
of course these alleged workers have torched trains before and so transnet has already suspended service on the cape flats line (stranding the workers from being able to get to work… ironically)
what i find funny is a lot of employers have given permission for their workers to join the march if they wish… but now that they no longer have permission these employers believe that there won’t be any absenteeism.
ha!…. hahahaha! you make the little joke yes?
just because its now an illegal march doesn’t mean it won’t happen. that’s a ridiculous notion, bothering about legality in south africa… really!

what i don’t find so funny though is this:
cosatu are urging teachers to join the march:
‘We call on our members not to go to school on Thursday and join the march to parliament,’ Sadtu regional secretary Don Pasquallie said.
do you want to keep kids from being educated?
the reason why your members are manual labour and are forever fighting for a better wage is because they’re uneducated, you moron.
but i suppose its politically a good move. without uneducated idiots your union wouldn’t have members.
i do like the statement: “Four out of 10 workers were unemployed, according to Sadtu.”
i guess that means that 6 out of 10 workers aren’t workers then…
that means that 4/4 workers are employed which equals 100% employment, and some uneducated people convincing real workers to stop working and go on strikes.
why work when you too can be involved in illegal and violent strike action?
feel the adrenalin as the crowd runs blindly to escape police…
fell the pressure of people behind you trampling your prone body to escape teargas…
feel the pure enjoyment of throwing bottles and stones at policemen who hold shotguns…
you too can be a complete moron. all you need to do is not go to work and listen to your militant unions. you too could be like the security guards behave like base animals as satawu lead you into the jaws of illegality into the stomache of civil unrest just so that they can line their pockets with money that could have been yours.
you too can be a moronic fuckwit!

and for some more corruption and illegality look no further than the police:
turns out that some criminal got his girlfriend to bring him a gun and cellphone which he took to many court appearences and eventually led to a hostage situation where two policemen were injured (one shot in the hand, one shot in the lung) and he was shot dead (at least the story has a happy ending).
how did she smuggle these things past the police? did she hide them in a most uncomfortable place? (what? like the back of a volkswagen?)
nope… she simply bought a bottle of vodka for Inspectors Maxwell Khumalo and Simpiwe Nthetha, who then let her visit the crim in his cell… after visiting hours… without searching her!!!
well done morons. corrupt morons no less.
but you haven’t heard the coop de grassy yet.
this crim was no ordinary crim.
no no no my friends. after he had been killed in said hostage situation they discovered his real identity: he was an escaped death-row inmate who had his sentence commuted to life imprisonment.
now notice: he had already been to court a number of times under his false name… this means that the police are not only stupid, not only corrupt, but wholly inept as they couldnt identify an escaped convict that they had been holding in their custody for an extended period of time.
surely you fingerprinted him? maybe he gave the cops a coke to lose the fingerprints…
now if that isn’t an argument for death penalty i don’t know what is. the death penalty may not be a deterant for others, but it would have stopped 2 cops being severely wounded here.
oh, by the way: the rest of the police are highly pissed off with them as they’ve thrown shame over all of them…
and: Inspectors Maxwell Khumalo and Simpiwe Nthetha are going to plead “not guilty” to all the charges.

and they wonder where the kids pick it up from:
some junior fuckwit in training took a gun to school and allegedly accidentally shot a girl in class. luckily she only got a flesh wound in her leg.
but you have to ask yourself these questions:
what the fuck are you taking a gun to school for?
where the fuck did you get that gun? (oh.. your uncle left it at your house. dumbass!)
what the fuck are you doing taking the gun out during class and playing with it?
he’s currently in custody facing charges of attempted murder and unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.
he took a gun to school, took it out during class and was playing with it when it “accidentally” went off and shot a girl.
fuckwit… the gun didn’t do anything accidentally. it is designed with one sole purpose in mind: shoot bullets. if you’re not going to shoot something you don’t take it out. there is no other reason to take a gun out other than shoot something. the only accident in that classroom was the fuckwit that shot the girl. the best part of him ran down his momma’s leg!
extra info bit: this is the third accidental shooting by a pupil in 3 weeks (that we know of at least).
for the mathmatically challenged: thats more than 1 a week. if we’re lucky at least half of those will be fatal to the gunman and we’ll solve our education problems, overpopulation problems, and crime problems all in one fell swoop.
unfortunately i believe our stupid criminals breed faster than anyone or anything can kill them.

on the positive side of news: koeberg is up and running again.
yay… there may be fewer power cuts now that they’ve finished fixing the generator… until a couple of weeks when the other genny goes down for maintanence and winter hits proper.
they only estimate a shortfall of 400MW.
but don’t worry.. shortages will probably only last for 3 months (may, june, july).
great. i’m lucky this pc is still running then.
of course we all trust the power comany’s estimations after the last time they were in the news (due to massive power cuts across cape town because we don’t have enough electricity and the government is screwing the pooch on this one too).

and a personal pet peeve of mine: laugh it off tshirts are coming back…
after a year long hiatus, justin nurse is returning to shirt making (i want credit where credit is due, bull thief!).
nurse had this to say: “The new direction is more abstract – you interpret it yourself. Surreal was the only place left for me to go that was creative and exciting,”
for those not in the know: laugh it off make satirical tshirt (at least one of which was stolen from a poster i made… bull fuckers!). they take company logos and names and twiddle them into something humourous and then print shirts and make cash off them…
their new tshirt idea (remember that deputy (ass) president zuma has just been aquitted of rape charges):
“On one new shirt, the name of trainers company Puma has been converted to Zuma and instead of a leaping cat there’s a provocatively posed naked woman. ”
surreal? i don’t think so moron! while funny, (and slanderous i might add… but you’re doing it for the satire not the money right? right?) you don’t really need to interpret anything yourself.
so basically your previous statement was a load of balls to try make consumers think they’re smart because they get the joke.

how about this for a tshirt design:
you have the laugh it off megaphone with the laugh it off text next to it as usual, but in stead of “laugh it off” it says “load of ass“.
how ’bout that for an idea?
not that i think you’d ever have the balls to mock yourself (as all real satirists are wont to do) i have to add this disclaimer: you steal my shit without crediting me again and i will personally train a pitbull to ass-rape you while pouring sugar into your gas tank and spreading viscous roumors about your questionable sexuality and the homeless guy who lives behind your office block.

now you may be tempted to rip me off just to see the results of said training, but know this: i’m extremely lazy and may just unleash an untrained pitbull into your house after giving it 5 viagra and a slap about the face. on your way home i’d spray your jacket with pheremones ordered over the internet and let you find the surprise yourself!

and now for the space:
go to and have a look.
they have some cool pics and desktops and loads of information.
go look.
here endith the post.


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  1. Answer: Magneto in X-men (2000).
    Now everyone else can say… “yeah, what he said”. Feeling good… hehehe.

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    yeah, what he said

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