judgement day and bad burgers

oops… i forgot to put up the answer to the movie quote on the last post.
the answer is (selct text to view): extreme measures. hugh grant’s character complaining about ethics.

and today’s quote: “i can smell the exquisite stench of what you really are!”

name that movie!
end of edit.

i almost forgot…
today is the day that old zuma gets to hear whether he’s been found guilty of raping an HIV positive woman or not.
iol.co.za doesn’t currently have much of intrest… but i’m sure they’ll update once things get interesting later in the day.
i think its possible that he may cochrane his way out of it.
i’m not saying he did it, i’m just saying i think he did it.
but i don’t get to decide the verdict so i guess that’s just my R0.02

browsing through the news today… nothing really sparks my intrest.

been browsing the world of warcraft (europe) site a bit.
meandering throught the articles and history that snag my attention.
man… i’d love to play that game on a proper server.
the events look like so much fun.
moonflake, love, when are we getting adsl *flutter eyelids* ?
my birthday is coming up sometime soonish *hopeful grin*.
there’s even a travelling “faire” to take part in (seems stop once a month here or there).
oh well.
they also have cool wallpapers.
i don’t need adsl to run those.

the weekend dissapeared far to speedily for me.
friday afternoon was spent declaring tokens and fighting with sableCC.
basically i needed to make a simple tokenizer, the first step in creating a compiler. declaring the tokens was easy. it should have been easy to compile that decleration into a lexer with sableCC, but noooooo.
sablecc started spitting out some version error at me. eventually i gave up and decided that it must be my java sdk that’s too old (as i’d spoken to someone who ran the same version of sablecc with a newer sdk and it worked).
so i end up going up to varsity on saturday morning to finish off the stupid lexer before monday handin.
turns out that sablecc ver3.2 wasn’t the problem… it seems that sablecc v3.2 combined with any sort of proximity with me is the problem.
it still wouldn’t run, even on the varsity machines, while someone else is running the same version 3 machines over without a problem!
fsking sablecc 3.2
luckily sablecc version 3.1 isn’t so snobbish and i completed the prac fairly quickly after establishing that ver 3.2 needs my foot up its ass!

friday night was supper with moonflake’s dad and sister (and her boyfriend).
most of dinner was spent with moonflake and myself conversing with her dad while m’s sister (and her boyfriend) looked on silently. it was kinda like having and audience that couldn’t follow the on-stage dialogue.
those two really need to read more newspapers and watch more current affairs reports and spend less time researching hippy remedies which no-one is really interested in.

saturday afternoon – night saw us playing runebound (a board game).
we short break for spur supper which was accompanied by terrible service. the waitron‘s name was BLONDine. she was dim. with a capital d. so Dim really.
the guacamole was still mostly frozen. when we point this fact out to her, her response was “i know, it’s just come out of the fridge.”
well guess what: we don’t want frozen guac. defrost it moron! she also took yancke’s cuttlery with his burger (to warm up the guac) and braught back his burger, sans cuttlery and then promptly dissapeared without checking that everything was ok, leaving yancke to wander around the spur looking for another knife and fork.
man… what a dumbass waitress she was.
eventually we returned to finish off the game.
it took a damn long time but then most of us had never played before.
overall fun.
sunday saw us at moonflake’s mom’s as usual. a generally relaxing day followed by some yummy supper.

if only the weekend were longer.
i feel like all 2.5 days were rushed into one blurred day and i’m still waiting for my second (and a half) day of rest before today. *sigh*
oh well.


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