i’m honoured by racing zombies.

well i got no comments about yesterday’s quote, but i assume you’ve made your guesses…
if you haven’t then scroll down there now and guess.
the answer is on the following line, but it’s black on black so you need to select the text to see it.
answer: scream. right near the begining when the first victim is talking about her boyfriend.

and today’s quote: “You tortured and murdered those men upstairs, and that makes you a disgrace to your proffesion.”

name the movie.
(and don’t be lame: just say no to google).

so i’m sitting in my lecture venue this morning, before the lecture starts, and the lecturer comes in, puts down his stuff, then walks over to me and asks me to talk to him after the lecture.
first thing in my mind: “uh-oh. what have i done wrong now?”
so after the lecture i go talk to him…
turns out he wants to know if i’m doing honours next year.
i originally wasn’t planning to… i mean i need to get out and get a little experience as well as save up some money if moonflake and i do plan on moving to australia sometime soon.
but now i’m thinking maybe i should. i obviously have a shot if the lecturer thinks i should go for it… and he did the whole “hard-sell” approach.
i guess this must be what being head-hunted feels like.
i’m gonna need to speak with moonflake and my dad before i can make any firm decisions, but its still flattering.

so our normal thursday game (d&d) was cancelled yesterday (schpat had to work) so we ended up playing zombies!!! corps(e) and cthulhu 500.
zombies!!! corps(e) is very cool. maybe its ‘cos we only had 3 players, maybe its ‘cos there are fewer map tiles, but it went really quick compared to previous games of zombies!!!: original, the end, and mall walkers.
moonflake managed to sneak the win by charging headlong into the zombie fray, battling her way to the helicopter.
and then she managed to sneak the win in cthulhu 500. barrelling through the opposition in her truck, managing to draw the checkered flag moments before being passed by the second car in the pack.

and it looks like they’ve updated zombies!!!
there’s a version 2 coming out with all new art and female zombies.
and theres a zombies!!! 5: school’s out forever.
(in case you hadn’t noticed i really like zombies and the zombies!!! games)

anyway… not much going on today.
i’m tired and going home early so it’s a short post today :)


4 Responses to i’m honoured by racing zombies.

  1. kleinbaas says:

    About honours: DO IT! Absolutely, without a doubt, 100% certain. Study as much as you can.

    It’s teh kuk later on thinking, “hmm maybe I should have studied more…”, because going back to being a student is difficult.

    Sure, being able to say at the end of 2007 that you have one year’s industry experience might sound good – but the quality of work experience is highly variable, whereas CompSci honours (at UCT) is beyond repute.

    I’m beginning to seriously consider doing a Masters…somehow.

  2. zenstar says:

    i’m already a returning student. i know what’s involved returning to study after already being in the working world.

    the major problems here are as follows:
    1: ca$h! likelyhood of me getting a bursary: fraction too small to display!

    2: ca$h! need to save up for getting overseas, and that means working.

    3: experience. i understand honours is cool… but an EXTRA year (not just one year) of experience does make a bit of difference.

    combine all 3 facts together and honours isn’t looking that hot anymore.

  3. Mr Angry says:

    Dude, weren’t you considering moving to australia? Do it, egt work here and save for a while to further your education. I’ll play devil’s advocate to the first poster and say experience in IT is worth far more than education.

  4. zenstar says:

    i totally agree mr angry.
    yeps… we are planning on moving to australia (first pick of overseas countries we’d like to move to).
    we’re gonna need cash to relocate and support ourselves while we find jobs.
    and as long as the experience is good, then hey… what’s the problem?

    btw: in a totally unrelated query, how big is your lounge mr angry? would it sleep 2?

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