snoop updizzle yo, someone’s telling porkies!

snoop missed the thursday concert in jo’burg.
in case you didn’t read yesterday’s post and you’re too lazy to read it now:
snoop was arrested at london’s heathrow airport under dubious cicumstances.
original reports that he was trying to get his entire mob (bodyguards etc) into a first class lounge. since they weren’t all first class they were refused and violence ensued (seven police officers with cuts and bruises, one with a fractured hand).
so the snoop group (snoop hisself and five others) ended up cooling their heels in holding.

iol has another report today which claims that the whole thing was outrageous and unfair.

  1. the report is all from one witness.
  2. snoop is portrayed as a complete gentleman, not like a man arreted for multiple crimes including drug dealing, drug possession, possession of an illegal firearm, and accessory to murder. (he was found guilty fo many of those crimes too).
  3. the police are portrayed as acting (and i quote) “like the Gestapo.”
  4. this alleged witness person seemed to have overheard the entire conversation between security and snoop in spite of the dozen or so bodyguards surrounding the (silent c)rapper.
  5. the witness states (again i quote): “I boarded before Snoop and his entourage, and when they arrived at the boarding gate, they were not allowed to. I do not know what the reason was, because I was already on the plane.
  6. the police say the group got violent
  7. the witness spends two (admittedly short) paragraphs complaining that they were delayed because they had to remove snoops luggage, and the witness’s luggage was accidently removed too.

what fantastic hearing you must have mr witness. you are able to hear an entire conversation in a busy airport terminal, through a bunch of security guards while being on a plane next to the airport!
even if you were still boarding while the whole thing started, the group would have been taken aside by security (hence further away from the witness) and mr witness would be having to produce tickets and whatnot before walking down the long corridor to the plane.
having been on a plane a few times before i can state the following as a fact: no matter how loud the argument in the terminal you CANNOT hear it from the plane.

and do you think we’re gullible enough to believe snoop would simply as an innocent “what’s up?” when approached by a security guard wanting to have a word with him? a far more believable statement would be “bite me you fucking punk-assed, bitch, pig wannabee.” possible with an optional “yo!”
oh yeah… by the way (mr lying shitrag witness [in my opinion]) if the police were indeed acting like the gestapo, dont you think they would have arrested all 35 of the snoop group and not just 6?

and this little snippet of quote reveals a couple of things too:
“…and he [snoop] was getting angry, you know.” (talking about snoop’s reaction to security giving him grief).
well mr witness… would you like to add a “yo my nizzle” to the end of that sentence?
so by your own admission, snoop was getting ready to rumble. and the resulting injured police officers are in no way proof that prehaps snoop deserves to be in jail… again?

i think our alleged witness has a couple of issues with the fact that our esteemed criminal rapper (maybe the “silent c” stands for criminal?) was detained. mr alleged witness sure did seem to be steamed about the 2 hour delay to remove snoops luggage. and i’d also be really pissed if my luggage had accidently been removed because it was labled as belonging to snoop group and left in london… hmmm… wait a moment: a completely independent witness defending snoop and portraying him in the best possible light, a witness who managed to overhear the entire conversation between snoop and security, a witness who’s luggage was packaged with the snoop group’s!
hmmm…. mr alleged witness… your objectivity is under question… you wouldn’t happen to have had a ticket to that concert that snoop missed?
or maybe you were meant to make sure he got on stage safely? *cough*bodyguard*cough*

anyone else find the second report a bit dodgy?
(can you say “media spin?”)


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