public hizzle todayizzle gangstizzle, yo.

so i’m up at varsity on this public holiday (here in south africa) to do a little work on my comsci pracs before the deadlines begin to loom (and i do hate a looming deadline).

while there’s not much happening i did stumble accross this article at and it made me laugh.
apparently snoop doggy dogg (the ‘c’ in rap is silent) has been arrested, at london’s heathrow airport, on charges of “violent disorder and affray.”
basically the fucker tried to use his “gangsta street cred (yo)” to get his dozen bodyguards into the british airways’ 1st class lounge.
only problem is that not all his bodyguards had 1st class tickets, so they got refused. (the americans don’t like posh and becks so why should the british like snoop?)

just a quick backround insertion here: this is the same snoop dogg that has been arrested multiple times… convicted for trying to sell cocaine, suspended sentence for illegal firearms possesion, arrested as an accomplice “after-the-fact” in a murder for which he was later acquitted, fined for marijuana possesion… etc..

so what is the response of this *begin sarcasm* perfectly reasonable and gentlemanly group of upstanding citizens *end sarcasm* upon half of their party rightfully being refused entry into the 1st class lounge?
they start throwing bottles of whiskey on the floor and then begin arguing with a clerk at a duty free store… wtf?
i bet the whiskey came from the store and they refused to pay for what they broke in their childish little hissy-fit that would have gotten them into clubs in america but had the british calling the police.
anyway… the police pitch up and the moronic snoop group get violent!
seven police officers suffered minor injuries (cuts and bruises) and one suffered a fractured hand.

but 21 bobbies is nothing to sneeze at. (i really hope they used a liberal dose of “SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP!” *whack with truncheon* “YOU-CAN’T-EVEN-SING!” *whack* “YOU’RE-NICKED-SON!” *whack*)
so the entire group gets arrested and are being held in two west london police stations.
the best thing about this: snoop was at the airport to catch a plane to south africa. uk has taken one for the team. hopefully his concert here will get cancelled.
what a bunch of dumbasses.
seriously. your gangsta shit is a fucking joke.

man i hate the whole gangsta crap image that all the stupid kids seem to love nowday.
and it seems all the “heros” *cough*dickheads*cough* of gangsta rap are all “playas” and “for the ladies” and have all served prison time.
i would be willing to bet cash that while in prison the same morons were having their “shit pushed in” or “pushin the love cushion” of their cellmate.
of course all their fans would refuse to believe that… i’m sure all nice gansta rappers are misunderstood gentlemen that were falsely accused of killing and raping people and were unlucky in trial because their lawyers were bought out by “the man.”
and since they’re such nice people they all get sent to a special rapper’s prison where they also imprison female nymphomanics for being too hot.
and if you believe that you deserve to get shot in the face.
you may survive.
one gangsta did… what’s his name? half-dollar? loose change? oh yeah… fiddy… fifty cent (about fifty cents short of a dollar in my opinion) took a few shots to the face.
he’s also served prison time for numerous run-ins with the law over cocaine possession, heroin possesion, and dealing, as well as illegal possesion of firearms.
i bet he took a few more shots to the face in prison.
with those muscular arms i bet he can row real well.
he still has a bullet fragment stuck in his tongue whish is why he sounds slurry like he’s permanently drunk (that and he’s probably permanently drunk).

the real farty cent (courtesy of the smoking gun) after being arrested for peddling crack and heroin:

dumbasses… all of them moronic fucking dumbasses!


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