insomnia: meet couch and tv. couch and tv: meet insomnia.

somehow, in spite of my fatigue, i seem to get a sort of second wind before i manage to get to bed. last night i finally crawled into bed and began to doze, only to not actually fall asleep for an hour or two. i ended up lying there thinking up all sorts of cool ideas that insomnia later robbed me of.
eventually i reconvened to the couch and watched a little tv. only problem is that at about 2am there is nothing but crud on tv.
and even dr. phil talking about some uncontrolled brat (who obviously needed ritilan, a swift swipe upside the head, and a firm “NO!”) couldn’t push me over into oblivion.
it eventually took most of some ancient film about land claims, forestry, and romance to knock me out.
strange how even though you’re awake you can’t concentrate on anything while trying to go to sleep otherwise you simply wake up.
(hence the reason why i didn’t go play some games and the reason why the description of the merciful film sounds so odd)
i woke up this morning at 6-something and moved back to bed.
of course when morning comes all thoughts of not being able to sleep are thrown out of the window and waking up becomes a real problem.
was almost late for my first lecture.
it was boring.
even the lecturer admitted it.
but he’s covering it for completeness so that he doesn’t need to remember that he left a section out when it comes to setting exams.

so the zuma trial…
what a croc of shit!
they had that stupid YOU agony aunt (louise olivier) giving testimony for zuma’s side (they must be getting desperate) because she has some apparent psycho-whatsits papers.
so she testifies that the “freeze” response is unnattural and indicates that the woman that says zuma raped her is lying. she also claimed all sorts of other kak.
during cross examination it comes up that just a short while ago the stupid -crazy-hippy-bitch-looking-lying-sack-of-shit-moron (YOU columnist for short) told a woman that the “freeze” response is a perfectly normal response to have during a sexual assault.
how much money is she being paid to lie?
and she is obviously lying to someone… either the response is normal or it is not. simple logic. claiming both statements is a dichotomy since the one is a negation of the other. therefor: to claim both statements means you must lie at least once!
(and she does look like a crazy hippy bitch)
interestingly enough: while the news was reporting this lie last night, iol makes no mention (that i found) about it. i would think that that was a pretty newsworthy item… “lier on stand for zuma’s defence” is the sort of headline i’d use.
but i did spot a small bit of text “here” which i will quote for you… remember: olivier is on the stand to discredit the accuser:
Although Olivier attended the complainant’s evidence and cross-examination, it remains unclear whether she will be called to challenge Friedman’s findings, particularly as she never clinically examined the woman.”
i’ll assume she got all her information psychically then?
nothing out of her foul, blackened, two-tongued mouth can be trusted now (not that her advice was any good before). she’s proven herself false!
i think she should be fired from YOU magazine.
a proven weaver of untruths cannot be trusted toadvise people looking for council and help.
i think we should e-mail and complain!
i’m going to do that!

btw: while looking for the news on this on i accidently clicked the “zuma corruption trial” subheading in stead of “zuma rape trial.”
isn’t it nice to know that our ex-deputy president keeps current.
politicians in this country really do love the news.

now to lift your spirits after that crapstorm (stupid hippy!) here are a couple of links for you to try out:
remember those motivational posters?
they have some nice photo with a little text at the bottom.
the photo is normally a wildlife shot or something like a close-up of a couple of gears or pencils or something.
the text says stuff like: “achievement: blah blah blah.. something to make you feel good / think about.”
well check out this site:
they have much more realistic posters.
i personally like:
It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, but it doesn’t take any to just sit there with a dumb look on your face.

and for the second site: the dialectizer

enter some text or put in a url and istantly transform it into redneck…
or elmer fudd, or jive, or moron…
i tried it with my blog… damn thats some funny stuff :)

and thats all for today.


2 Responses to insomnia: meet couch and tv. couch and tv: meet insomnia.

  1. moonflake says:

    IOL did mention it. Apparently her response was that she had to be careful what she said to people writing to her for advice in case they committed suicide, and anyway clinical psychology was different to forensic psychology. Or something. She also said it was irresponsible for the other witness not to do a full psych and medical history of the accuser before making a judgment of her mental state. Because, you know, that’s what she does for people who write to her. NOT.
    She also kept going on about how the accuser didn’t show the normal kind of confusion that someone experiencing a trauma would. Except earlier there was much noise made about confused smses the accuser sent the next day, which Dr Louise conveniently seems to have forgotten about.


  2. zenstar says:

    i couldn’t find the reference under the “zuma rape trial” subheading…
    maybe IOL are just lazy about grouping stories, maybe they missed it?

    anyway… thanks for pointing that out.

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