weekend funnies

i’m up on campus today doing a little net surfing before my project partner arrives. we decided that programming at varsity would be better because we have net access and we’re developing on the machines that we’re developing for.
so i arrived early to browse the interweb.
man, downloads are fast on the weekend. its awsome!
anyway… since i’m up here all special like, and i haven’t really posted anything of real intrest recently, i’ve brought up some pictures that i’ve taken with my phone.
just a few funny ones.
the images are a little big (dimensions not kb).
i would have shrunk them except phone cameras are kak quality (well, mine is) and you wouldn’t be able to make out the funny.
i’ve commented on each pic below the pic.
need a full body message! do they work out muscle tension with morse code? are they tattoo specialists? i didn’t take down the number at the bottom so i guess we’ll never know. photo taken at adult world’s message board (don’t ask).
Mr. Fish with a knife. ok. this is more scary than funny. why does mr fish have a homemade knife? why does he look like he’s about to shank someone? this is why your mother told you not to trust sailors (and if she didn’t then she oughta have). photo taken at a fish ‘n chips shop (called mr fish funnily enough).
chingrish warning to peadophiles. this is an actual box for a chinese made pistol (a norinco if i remember correctly). i really admire the chinese for their stand against child abuse. btw: i have seen the same warning on a box of ammo too. photo taken at a gunshop.
and finally we have New SouthAfrican Wildlife. this wonderful creature was spotted resting from the midday heat in the shadow of an alleyway. while we have better pictures of him showing off his brilliant mane of dirty dreadlocks, this picture shows off his grace. even passed out in the gutter he shows us what peotry in motion he is. notice how it looks like he’s fallen from the sky to land on the asphalt. unfortunately we do not have recordings of his call: a wonderfull mix of mad shouting and mumbling to himself. if you wish to experience this magnificent species yourself all you need to do is find the right alleyway in claremont, cape town. we’ve managed to study him in his natural habitat for over a year now and his territory ranges all the way from pick n pay to stadium on main. but be warned: he may look pretty but he is unpredictable and could be dangerous (he may also piss on you if you stand still for too long).

i hope you enjoyed that.
i’m off to download a little more.


2 Responses to weekend funnies

  1. totalwaste says:

    *sigh* i miss cape town

  2. zenstar says:

    and all its dodgeyness
    (and wildlife)

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