not much

not much to say today.
saw corpse bride the other night.
it was fun but very short.
not much else been happening.
realised that i haven’t linked to evo.llusion’s blog so i corrected that (see side bar as usual).
varsity vac starts today for a week.
got 2 projects to code during the vac and both my project partner and i are going away over easter weekend….
oh… i came up with another shirt idea. it still needs a lot of work and is probably only funny to computer geeks but hey:

bad checksum!
i’m a few bits short of a byte

i never said it would be a good shirt.
that’s it for today.
go read someone else’s blog.


2 Responses to not much

  1. totalwaste says:

    i’m TOTALLY stealing that shirt!

  2. zenstar says:

    feel free…
    but if you print for sale i want a freebie!

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