too tired for a title

the last few days have been exhausting.
been getting too little sleep.
i just spent R730 to purchase 2 (thats right… only two) textbooks.
(the fuckers jacked the prices on the reorders).
i also just handed in an essay that i was completing this morning at 1.
and i just wrote a comsci test.

but on the good side of life:
moonflake and i attended schpat’s wedding yesterday.
it was a small affair with only 10 guests (mostly family) in a lovely little getaway upcountry.
everyone was dressed all smart and the entire day was very nice.
there was chocolate with every course of lunch.
the wedding cake was decorated by schpat’s mom and had over 1000 small purple icing flowers on it. the food was fantastic.
we wandered the gardens a bit between lunch and tea and schpat harrassed the ducklings (catching one in the process).
it was a lovely wedding and i wish the newlyweds a wonderful long life together.

moonflake and i watched national treasure on sunday.
the dvd is fantastic.
the film is quite fun. its kinda like a more current indiana jones without indy.
it was most enjoyable.
then we found the extras.
while most of the extras are your standard fare (making of etc), you get a bit of puzzle at the end of each.
once the puzzle is solved you get access to even more extras…
and there’s another puzzle hidden here.
to get the code required you need to solve a little game where you need to select the right lenses to see some numbers.
i managed to guess it first time :)
(ok… there were only 4 lenses on each side meaning a 1 in 16 chance… but still)
this final bit gives you access to a trivia track on the film.
its probably really fun to watch with the trivia, but we were renting it, it was late, and we were at moonflake’s mom’s place.
(plus watching the movie again just after watching it is a little too soon for me).

excuse bad blogging for today.
too tired for better.
once again: congrats to the newlyweds.


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