enjoying the system

cool, in denial
We’re the cruel regulators smoking

i’m enjoying system of a down at the moment.
moonflake recently bought the 2 albums that i hadn’t (steal this album and mezmerize) and i mp3’ed them to listen on my mp3 player while wandering up to and down from varsity.
i’d only ever heard 1 song from these albums before. man they’re cool.
i do suggest purchasing them and never romoving them from your preferred music playing device (i currently have all 5 albums on my mp3 player).

so moonflake and i went out last night and had sushi (mmm) for supper before going to see final destination 3.
before i say anything else that may lead you to believe the contrary let me state now: on face value i thought the movie was ok, not fantastic, but enjoyable enough.
now for the catch…
as the 3rd part of a trilogy (and i hope to god they stop here before ruining it anymore) it sucked the biggest donkey dick i have ever seen!
the first movie brought the whole concept of “death’s plan” to the audience and was a fresh film that kept you interested.
the second film had a character return who knew what was happening and they had the whole “how to escape the plan” thing going.
both those films had something and added to the universe which they created.
the third film dilutes the final destination formula to its simplest form (ie: some kids escape certain death and begin to die off as death catches up to them) and adds nothing new.
there was a little tension and some gore, but overall you were left feeling that you’d seen it all before (deja vu if you will… ironic since that’s kinda how they escape death in the first place… maybe its a warning to wait till it airs on tv before going to see it).
they had no returning characters, instead using the internet to discover about the events of the previous movies. they had to discover death’s plan themselves, which had already been done in the first movie (which you presumably have already seen) and there wasn’t any real attempt to squirm out of death’s plans through loopholes or anything (like in the 2nd movie).
this movie was basically just a remake of the first movie with a different “we escaped death” bit and different actors. the tech is obviously better and there is more gore than i remember the other movies having, but overall it was just a little bland.
its unfortunate as i really enjoyed the first 2 movies and thought that this one was just “ok.”

oh well, it was still a fun night.
stuck up varsity today while i wait for a stupid tut/workshop thingie.
game tonight should be fun.
chittychittybangbang (see link on sidebar) had a funny (to all but him i’m sure) encounter on an escalator which he blogs about.
he obviously hasn’t seen mallrats otherwise he would have been a lot more careful.
in closing i’d like to say:
There’s nothing wrong with me
There’s something wrong with you
There’s something wrong with me
I hope your stepson doesn’t eat the fish
There’s nothing wrong with me
There’s something wrong with you
Don’t eat the fish


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  1. totalwaste says:

    i think it’s safe to say that they’re the best sing-along band ever ^_^

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