playmates, popes, guerillas, they stole my shirt…

it started with the “dead bull” shirt and now the che shirt.
ok at least this time it wasn’t directly stolen from me.
hmmm… you may be getting a little lost here. time for a history lesson:

many years ago i got my hands on a couple of red bull posters.
scissors, glue, and a little time later i was hanging up a “dead bull – energy kink” poster in a society room up on varsity (i belonged to the society at the time).
i go away for a year and a half, come back and get told that my dead bull poster was made into a shirt by laugh it off.
“odd co-inkydink,” i think to myself until the details come out.
fact 1: turns out the shirt was almost identical to my poster.
fact 2 : the founder of laugh it off went to the same university as me.
fact 3 : someone from the aforementioned society knew the aforementioned founder of the aformentioned t-shirt company.
fact 4: the fucker stole my idea and i never saw a cent.
apparently the founder came to the society room to meet up with his buddy. he saw the poster and even commented on it. he went off and created a t-shirt company and ripped off my idea.
(all this story i gathered through multiple friends who were members of the society / went to that university at that time)
now i don’t have a problem with the shirt being made. but the fucker could have at least thanked me (cash wouldn’t have been amiss). i did put my usual signature on the poster and everyone in the society room knew who made it.
here endith the history lesson.

now: the current.
i’ve been talking about making a shirt with che on it.
you all know che. he was the marxist revolutionary and cuban guerrilla.
che was second in command to good old fidel castro after he became the dictator of cuba. in short che is a well know terrorist.
people wear t-shirts of him all the time because his image has become synonamous with anti-establishment, anarchy, “fight-the-power” kinda vibes (man).
this is why so many teenagers love the shirts.
the picture of him is a black and white, kinda high contrast photo of a bearded man with a berret that has a star on it.
now my plan was this:
create a tshirt of che, but subtly alter it by changing the star on his berret (representing marxism/communism) with the golden arches (representing macdonalds and cash) thereby creating a twofold joke.
joke 1: the entire image now stands for capitalism, the very thing che stood against.
joke 2: che looks a little like a macdonalds employee. the man would have been a burger flipper if he’d discovered the schpatula before the AK47.
i’d have loved to create the shirt and sell it on (especially to dumb kids who didn’t notice the changes and didn’t comprehend the joke) except someone got to it first (well… not exactly as i would have done it). look at the following picture from some political shirt company.

(they actually have some cool shirts. i don’t agree with all their political bull, but a shirt that says “hippies stink” is cool).

so i guess i just have to give up on the whole t-shirt creation thing and am now putting some of my ideas out here to be stolen and used (cash thank-yous would be nice).
shirt 1: in nice bold text on the front: “YES! I’M STALKING YOU!”
shirt 2: in nice bold text on the back: “I KNOW YOU’RE WATCHING ME”

well… that’s about it at the moment (it’s not my fault that my ideas get stolen faster than i can think of them).
if i remember any more / come up with any more i may (or may not) post them.

in other news:
anna nicole smith is in court trying to get some cash from her ex hubby’s estate (dead ex not divorced ex). she was a twenty something, topless dancer when she married 89-year-old oil tycoon billionaire.
a year later he died.
his son claims to be the only heir and has allegedly done some bad stuff (forgery or something… he denies it) to keep her away from the cash.
she just wants her fair share.
come on… give the one time playboy plamate a little cash, she may give you a little something in return *wink*
find here a link of her getting almost topless at an mtv australia awards thingie.
(actually she’s got flesh coloured tape covering any naught bits with mtv decals over that).

random link: is the new pope darth sidious? check for yourself.

funnily enough, talking about the pope and anna nicole smith: i found the following picture on some guy’s blog that had a (prehaps tasteless?) satirical report on anna attending the pope’s funeral and claiming she owns the vatican as they were secretly married. (not the best photoshop… but funny).

super quick games news today from magic box:
god of war 2 is on its way to the playstation2 (there are some pics at magic box).
and (unconfirmed) konami are working on a new castlevania title for the nintendo ds. apparently a sequel to circle of the moon.

and that’s about it for today… over and out.
ps: please replace all “arguement”s yesterday with “argument”s (my spelling is teh suxxor).


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