we got floaters

spent most of the weekend playing computer games with moonflake.
read some news today and decided not to comment on it as its all about idiot, racism, and just plain crap!
talking about crap:
there’s a backed up drain near the comsci building today.
it was spewing water and shreds of toilet paper onto the pavement.
they finally stopped it flowing and took the lid off to gain access to the blockage (i assume?).
i had the unfortunate luck of walking past at this point…
the drain if full to the brim with liquid and we gots floaters there.
on the plus side (and the reason why i’m still up at varsity today) i got an extra mark for my last comsci test which bumps me up to a first (75%).
yeah… that’s what i’m talking about.

btw: ever wanted to make an origami elephant out of a dollar bill?
go here -> http://www.serve.com/hecht/origami/diags.htm
its a site with a bunch of patterns (pdf instructions).

and finally a little pic from al lowe’s site (that is quite appropriate concidering he invented larry laffer)


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