poker, breasts, and games… what more could you want? (a concrete slab?)

browsed through some normal and gaming news today and came up with some interesting stuff…

this guy must hate concrete!
the actual story is about some ambulance having lunch around the corner in stead of responding to an emergencey, but the subtle “under-story” hidden in there is about a man’s struggle against concrete.
according to the story he was at high court in a case about a concrete slab falling on his head some time ago. while leaving the court he had an epeleptic fit and took a spill down some stairs, cracking his head open on… (you guessed it) the concrete.
he’s obviously being hunted by the powers that build!in another story: this guy has tits, and has been charged with exposing them!
apparently this ohio man has a full set of breasts and was wondering around topless.
he’s skipped his court appearences but his defence claims that a man cannot be charged with exposing his breasts.
in fact he continues with the statement: “It’s also not even technically illegal for a woman to expose her breasts (in public).”
ohio sounds like a nice place.and in the last “real” news story: this guy won a million while on holiday.
he went on a holiday cruise to the carribean, but spent the entire time onboard playing in a poker tournament with his 15 buddies cheering him on.
He’s a university student and borrowed some cash to enter the tourney and won, becoming the youngest person to win the Million V tournament.
he claimed it was very stressfull and he didn’t get a holiday, but he can afford to go on another holiday now. he’s going to give a share of his winnings to his backers and stash the rest until he decides where to invest it.

now for some gaming news:
the magic box reports the following:

– SNK Playmore announced Metal Slug Collection for PSP, a compilation of the 6 classic aciton shooters, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Metal Slug. The titles included in compilation are Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4 and Metal Slug 5. The PSP version will offer WiFi 2 players support, and it is scheduled to release in fall 2006.

kinda makes you wish you had a psp…
and for those of us who own a ds, the magic box also reports that a new zelda game is on the way.
named the legend of zelda: the phantom hourglass it’ll have graphics similar to wind waker, ie: a mix of 3d graphics (environment) and 2d graphics (possibly cell shaded, for characters and stuff).
hit the above link for a couple more pictures.
no decent screenshots are out yet, but what there is looks like it could be good.

as for the usual going-ons in my life:
the game last night was fun. we bested more ninja and somehow got caught up in some politics between the king, the queen, and the princess. my character’s not really too interested in political intrigue, but is starting to pick up a taste for intimidation. bull’s strength and polymorph help.
bull’s strength also may have gotten us into a little trouble. in self defence (while bull’s strengthed) i slapped someone upside the head with the flat of my greatsword (going for non-leathal)… and critted! 30hp damage later and there’s a crumpled, non-living heap in the corner somewhere. oops. and i only wanted to talk.
oh well, it was self defence, unlike the knifing of poor defenceless, unconcious manfred who ended up at the bottom of the docks before he woke up from his kidnapping. some players will do anything for the promise of cash (we’re looking at the rogues *cough*thives*cough* here).

and that’s it for today.


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