office humour

spent most of yesterday playing larry 3.
go visit al lowe’s page (he created lesiure suit larry and did most of the work: programming, writing, sound, etc)
did you know you can skip the questions (for proving your age) at the begining of LL and LL3? and that al lowe used his birthday as the universal password for LL2.
go read his page.

gmail has been pissing me off all day today.
for some reason it just won’t log in anymore. it was fine this morning and now its fuxxored. pah!
spent most of this morning researching http servers in java (and SOCKS4 proxies) again… but i think i got a good load of stuff including some pdf books on java.
took ages to download everything (including an abandoned game or two).

ah… al lowe’s site is funny. go look at the virtual mouse cleaner.
there’s also some rather dodgy fruit.
man, lesiure suit larry 3 is difficult. i remember playing it years ago and not getting far. retrying now and damn! all i can say is thank you gamefaqs.
larry 2 was a walk in the park by comparison.

well well well… gmail finally decided to log in.
ooh… mail.
and look… its all the crap activation mails so that i could log onto the tutorial pages that i’ve been browsing (spam here i come).

well…all my downloads have finished and i’ve got cleaning to do before the game tonight so it’s time for me to foxtrot oscar!


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  1. d@vid says:

    hi zen,

    I’ve heard of Gmail going slow in other labs on campus; you can try using the cut-down versions (plain html and mobile versions) which load faster, without fancy javascript

    links are at Google and GMail mobile, personalized

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