an elephant the size of the moon!

i forgot yesterday was a public holiday.
what a nice surprise to discover that when my mom mentioned it on monday night.
i spent the day watching tv and playing computer games (i finished lesiure suit larry 2).
i probably should have done some work for varsity (or at least some reading) but i didn’t.
i was lazy and damn proud of it.

i discovered today that out webserver thingie has to be written in java :( but someone gave me a tutorial dealing with sockets in java :)
i’ll have a look at that when i get home today (as well as download a couple more notes while i’m here at varsity now).

had to cancel the game yesterday as synk and moonflake both had dinner arrangements (one with parents and one with work) that they could not escape. man, this game is never going to get finished at this rate.
from now on i think i’m just going to run the game anyway… whoever pitches plays and whoever isn’t there is just real quite for the session.
once i finish the campaign (not long now) i’ll hand over gm’ing reigns to someone else.

here’s a pic proving how dumb people really can be.


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