friday’s post died

well there was a post on friday but the net suicide up at varsity and i didn’t feel like waiting around for it to come back online.
(btw: happy name day schpat)
i finished and handed in my code on friday.
i finished my essay and handed it in today.
i have a little free time now, but i need to write an http server / socks4 server for april 18th…
and another project will be posted for me to do soon (for about the same time).
damn the net is slow up on varsity today.
stupid 2nd years eating all the bandwidth!
can’t wait till people stop coming to lectures and leave my bandwidth alone.

any way.
sony are working on a PSOne emulator for the psp. psone games will be distributed over the net and playable on the psp.
that’s pretty cool.

moonflake and i spent a lot of time over the weekend playing wow together (in between me researching and writing my essay).
our pair of undead are leveling up nicely.

other than that i can’t find much of intrest to report on.


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