Happy name day schpat.

seen google today?
its got greenery around its name (what tipped me off about st patricks day).

i just finished coding up my prac for monday and it works all good n stuff.
i’d done it before with a guy from my class so all i really had to do was type the code out and compile.
I rewrote the whole thing (well, we were given a skeleton to fill in) and made it much neater. for example: the original we did had a single function that used global variables to catch and handle signals. i wrote three much smaller functions and switched them in and out as needed, meaning slightly less statement checks but slightly more code.
any way. it’s done now and handed in (sticking to my schedule) so now i need to go off and do my essay.

i found a site with the original lesiure suit larry on it.
man, those were the days.
one disk games that rocked.
schpat forced me to go to the casino so we could play blackjack (in larry, not irl)

the d&d game last night was pretty funky, although we’re going to be missing a waynne for a while (i would say congrats and enjoy the honeymoon except he doesn’t read my blog so there!)
we killed ninjas and pissed off the king and queen (as usual) and are looking for more ninjas to cause trouble with (they started it!).

not much else to report on at the moment and i have an essay to write (for monday) and an http server to code (thankfully not for monday) so that’s it for today.


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