i been working on the railroad…

well, not the railroad…
but i have done a buncha work recently.
i got my test mark back today 21.5/30 ~= 70%

and i spent a large chunk of yesterday sorting out the prac for monday with someone. we finally figured out all the code and got it 90% working.
now i just need to code it up for myself, but at least i know how to do it all now.
and i spent a large chunk this morning researching denial of service attacks for the essay due on monday.

so the next few days look like this:
friday afternoon: code up the prac and hand in.
fri / sat / sunday: do the essay and hand in.
monday onwards: rest a bit before they hit us with more work.

spent a large amount of time last night playing a new undead warlock with moonflake (who was playing an undead warrior).
man that game is fun.

damn the labs are slow today. seems everyone is working up on campus and downloading as much as possible to try cut off my connection.

i feel like i really should be blogging about more today (i’m stuck here waiting for a pcu workshop at 14:00) but i really don’t have much else to say.
i haven’t really been keeping up with the news, but schpat and moonflake handle that side of things. i haven’t done anything really interesting recently (unless you want to know about coding signal handlers and timers in C). i haven’t even found anything particularly interesting on the net recently…
so i guess that’s it for today then.


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