little time = little post

had a comsci test this morning.
went ok.
i should have passed ok (luckily i knew the main section but the other 2 were a little dicey).
this afternoon will be spent with a classmate going over the prac we need to do for monday. something about kernel timing. since it’s all in java he’s gonna help me out a bit (i’m not so good with java… more at home in c++ but the crossover should be easy enough, they’re almost the same after all).
tomorrow i need to do pcu (professional comms unit) in which we (classmate and i) outline the report that we will be writing.
finally the next few afternoons will be spent writing a 3k word essay on denial of service attacks for another comsci course.
then things should be free for a little bit and i’ll do a real blog post.

quick catchup on stuff i’ve been doing: playing on my ds (advance wars ds, mario kart ds, castlevania ds [thanks moonflake]) replaced my PS2 (thanks schpat for the hookup) and got some games for it (working holiday is tiring but affords you games), housesat/dogsat for my parents while they were in cypress, watched serenity (twice now… it’s awesome) and spirited away (dstv at parents’ place. also very cool).

i still need to see doom, king kong, aeon flux (i don’t care how bad you think it is yancke), and a handfull of other films when i get the time. i also need to get the rest of fullmetal alchemist (i got the first dvd with 4 eps on it… very good).

thats all i got time for today.


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