almost… almost…

moonflake is almost home.
exams almost over.
just a day left!

just a hyper-quick entry before my last exam in an hour’s time.
hopefully it won’t be too bad.

i did actually blog on friday except the power cut moments before i hit publish (or was going to hit publish) and i don’t feel like retyping it all so here’s a quick rundown:
exam went ok.
cook was a dick (again).
schpat and i went bowling (the shoes are skanky, the auto-scorer loves me, schpat made 4 strikes and broke 100 on his 2nd game)
and that’s all i can remember.

schpat has been feeding me well (thanks schpat) and saturday night was spent at his place eating home-made pizza (except the base), smoking apple tabacco in the hooka, and playing star wars lego on his ps2.
(ps: thanks for the late birthday present too ^-^)
all in all a good night.

any way… i have an exam soonish so i’m going to go relax a little beforehand.
i’ve spent a fair time studying and can do the 2nd test paper from this year backwards now (similar: a large chunk of the first test).
hopefully the sections i know well will be the sections we get examined on…
hold thumbs!


6 Responses to almost… almost…

  1. Synkronos says:

    omg how cool is Star Wars Lego! Sadly, it is a little short =(

    When is Cook _not_ a dick? Seriously, that guy needs a cockpunch, and not in a good way.

    PS. D’you think it’s a coincidence that Cook and Cock are so similar?

  2. schpat says:

    SW Lego is the bozomb, I love lego and I love SW and I love games! I don’t think it’s all that short, Zen and I played for five hours and we only finished the first episode, so that extrapoliates to like 15 hours of game play. Also We haven’t finished all levels with 100% and so can’t find out what the secret is until then! Also we havn’t collected all the vehicles, btw what are the vehiles for? are they just silly tropphies?

  3. Synkronos says:

    Yeah, just trophies. I’ve done everything 100%.

  4. schpat says:

    still, it’s a very cool game for only R230, cheaper than some real crap that is out there

  5. schpat says:

    What, no boss pic?

  6. schpat says:

    Are there going to be any new posts now that you are back at varsity?

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