the battle of midway (through exams)

i’m upon campus early.
got my exam at 14h00
i’ve done enough prep.
basically 40% of the paper is architecture and 60% is bullshit
ie: hci, software engineering, and ethics.
while they may not be bullshit unto themselves (debatable) the only way to test your knowledge of them is to ask questions that lead to bullshitting!

well my internet wanderings have turned up a real gem: the official teenage mutant ninja turtles page.
i don’t know about you (but if you had any taste or sense of wonder you’d agree) but i loved the tmnt since they came out. a little dissapointed by the “hero” turtles cartoon, but still fun.
well if any of you watched daytime, friday tv you’d have seen the new cartoon series.
it rawks!
its stuck much closer to the comic books that started off the whole thing (and they are ninja turtles again, not hero turtles).
the drawing style is pretty good and the story is enticing.
i’d love to get them all and watch them.
apparently the new series has been going on for a few years already (in the states at least).

on the nintendo ds front: have published a release schedule here.
amazingly it seems that we’re getting proper treatment in our gaming hobby now days. i remember the days when you checked the euro releases and then added a month and hoped! (wasn’t that just yesterday?)
anyway… go check it out. some cool games coming.
(includes gamecube, ds, and gba releases. had some trouuble with the table formatting & firfox, but resizing the window worked).

i started re-reading my slayers manga.
(i’ve already re-read lum, both maison ikkoku, and all my appleseed).
man… i need to get myself more manga. i love the stuff.
(plus i think more apleseed has been released).
oh well..
i’m off to relax a bit before the exam starts.
see ya later!


3 Responses to the battle of midway (through exams)

  1. zenstar says:

    1st line of today’s blog should read:
    “i’m up on campus early.”
    no i haven’t pounced on varsity.
    no i’m not lying on the ground, holding on with all my might, riding campus like the proverbial bucking bronko/ angry dragon.
    (how’d you like that image?)
    and i couldn’t be bothered to go through the editing procedures to fix it.

  2. Synkronos says:

    I have GitS 2: Man-machine Interface on CD if you’re interested?

  3. schpat says:

    how do I like that image? ow – right in the eye!

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