medic! we have a fridge down… call for backup

ohayoo gozaimas.
it seems the fridge has packed up.
there’s not much in it except for our reserves in the freezer which schpat has built up for roleplaying nights on tuesdays and fridays.
(schpat gets cheap food from work, moonflake cooks, i wash up, we all eat. sometimes there ain’t no cheap food going and we hit the reserves)
tried to get hold of schpat and let him know / get him to empty the freezer except he is communicado non grata (or whatever… i can’t get hold of him).
it was still icy in there when i last checked and i’m not opening again until we empty it. hopefully everything will be ok.

as for my japanese response…
i suddenly woke up this morning and realised that i totally screwed that response up.
i should have said: “dare anata no chichi des ka?” instead of “anata ga suki des?”
humourously they’re both a similar theme but completely different meaning.
totalwaste: i didn’t mean to say i love you (sorry to let your hopes down).
also: i should have said “domo arigato re: the comment” ie: thank you.
sumimasen! gomen nasai!
this is why i shouldn’t post while tired just after studying maths all day ^-^*

i managed to get the drivers for the bluetooth dongle that schpat lent me.
i’ve uploaded mindless self indulgence – seven eleven on to my phone to use as a ringtone.
msi rawk.
(rawk: like rock but harder!)
i need to get their latest album!
christmas is on its way… hmmm…
msi lyrics are super disturbing though. they describe their music as “industrial jungle pussy punk.”
yes they are odd. just check out some of these excerpts:

i be the cock in a jungle coming for you baby
i be the cock in a jungle burning
i’d meet a good girl but i’d make a terrible boy
i’d meet a good boy but i’d make a terrible girl

from: golden i (off the album: frankenstien girls will seem strangely sexy)


said girls from seven-eleven stay up all night
and i could get a discount
she may not be good-looking
she may not be good – no – no – no
she might not get down
but it’s possible she stays up all night

from: seven eleven (same album as above)

and finally:

I can handle this but i can’t handle anything else
it’s my own mistake – it’s based on me and not on my groin
it’s the little things in my pants that we’re all living for
i never really knew what that thing down there was used for

from: kill the rock (same album)

while surfing around last night (waiting for drivers to download) i discovered a pretty funny webcomic: alien loves predator.
its all done with the alien vs predator action figures and is basically a sitcom about a predator and an alien who happen to be roommates in new york.
pretty funny stuff including a cameo by jesus here and there.

today’s work safety picture:
from: phatty’s place (artistic pictures… ie: panties!)
click it synk… you know you wanna (there may be a japanese schoolgirl outfit hidden there somewhere…)
nb: artistic pictures on some of the gallaries. occasional bare bottom, occasional wet tshirt. it’s art :)

let me end the post here so you don’t waste any more of your day.


3 Responses to medic! we have a fridge down… call for backup

  1. totalwaste says:

    that’s okay. *sniff*. i’ll deal.

    *runs off crying*

  2. schpat says:

    Dude, don’t you think that seeing the anus in the bikini-model’s butt-crack was a bit much?

  3. zenstar says:

    what are you on about?
    that’s a shadow…
    a shadow of an anus…
    pfft! you corp types are so picky.
    how close did you have to zoom to spot that?

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