well i just got online to check for some drivers for the bluetooth dongle that schpat lent me… i found them except they’re 13 megs so i’ll dl them some other time.
i might as well update the blog quick while i’m here.

firefox is reminding me why i took so long to switch to it and maybe i should go back to ie. the only reason why i switched was good timing between synk giving me the software and me having to use it at varsity because that’s all they have in the senior (now open-source) labs.
ff was set to start searching the page when i started typing something (no edit – find – type in new box) except its now interupting me when i do things like type in the google search box. i get one letter off and then the search comes up and complains that it cant find “orn” (and it makes a stupid noise too… a knocking sound).

btw: i responded to the last post’s comments and don’t feel like repeating… read them there.

schpat came round tonight and we went to canal walk to look at more toy stores. he got me a “birthday” present (only 5 months late… he claimed it was ‘cos he didn’t get me one on my bday… i think its ‘cos he wants to play with it ^-^) which was very much appreciated. (thanks schpat).
it was one of those joysticks you plug into the tv and play games on… except its 2 player. so we spent some time playing.
problems: the games aren’t great on this particular model and after about 15 mins one of the joysticks started acting up. so we’ll return it and select something else.
hopefully they’ll have another 2p version with better games.
its the thought that counts anyway.

oh well…
i’ve spent the past few days at varsity studying in the library.
not much fun… but studying needs to be done.
i start writing on monday.
-_-* blegh.
and thats about all for this quick update
type again soonish


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