tag… you’re it! *honk* *honk*

since i haven’t posted a “what? no it’s really work boss” picture in a while… i got two scattered in the blog today ^-^

it must be nearing christmass ‘cos i saw a homeless guy wandering around with a sant cap on. when the homeless are decorated it must be a holiday!

this overhydrated young lass is from sweet strings swimwear.

well not 2 minutes after i finished publishing my last post saying i haven’t been tagged i received a mail notifying me that i got tagged!
oh well…
time to succumb to peer pressure:

1) i have what is probably a third nipple (its on the milk line)
2) i once won a duplo pirate in a competition
3) i have 4 tattoos
5) i passed my drivers liscence on the first attempt but had the comments “can’t maintain a constant speed” and “takes corners too fast” (or something like that) on the little sheet the dude fills out.
6) the only strip club i ever went to was in london (and from what i hear it was 100 times better than anything in capetown)
7) i once hit myself between the toes with a pick-axe but didn’t notice until about 5-10 mins later when i felt a tingle (i was barefoot at the time… and about ten years old)
8) my first pc (ibm style) was an xt before they came with turbo buttons
9) i had a commadore 64 and used to play games on the small, black and white, spare tv. i spent hours and hours playing (and waiting for those damn tapes to load)
10) i’m a japanophile… i love all things japanese. not nearly as bad as some of the more otaku of us out there, but still ^-^

and now a very dorothy-esque milla interlude from www.takpart.com.

11) i’d love to learn to speak japanese, spanish, and german fluently (in that order)
12) i’m occasionally a little obsessive compulsive (doing things like packing away pocker chips with all the chips facing the right way and put in their proper colour order in each box) but generally just to pass the time, not because it really bugs me.
13) i’ve had multiple multiple piercings (mostly through the ears, never lower than the neck) but they’ve all been taken out now.
14) i miss my tongue ring, but don’t really want to deal with the heal time again and would rather spend my money on other things.
15) if dni (direct neural interface) were available i’d be there… (hook me up doc!)
16) i’ve been to zimbabwe, namibia, south africa (duh), england, egypt, and cypress (while my dad has been to 6/7 continents… and would love to visit the 7th)
17) i was a real pain in the ass as a teenager. funny ‘cos i was a generally happy, well behaved kid until the mid to late teens.
18) i’ve had laser surgery. used to wear glasses (quite stronge ones) for short sightedness (never had contacts) and now i have 20/20.
19) i once tried to get into a pair of leopard print, tight jeans. the only problem was the zip wouldn’t close. i could get the button done up, but the zip just wouldn’t zip up. it sucks ‘cos those jeans rocked! they were teh supah porno.
20) when i was in creche i was hanging upside-down on the jungle-gym and fell off, landing on my head (on the tar they always have under those things). i needed stitches… also had stitches in my eyebrow from being hit with a hockey-stick (thank god for brow ridges otherwise i’d go “arrr” a lot and threaten to make people walk the plank while looking for me dubloons!)

any way.
schpat came round last night. he went into the kitchen and made me some pie!
mmm… chickeny.
we basically arb-ed around the whole night (with a short trip to the waterfront) and ended up playing cards (spite and malice) for a bit too long.
studying is real boring and has been taking up all my time recently!

on the ds front:
got to the magic box and check out the pics for ash.
this is what they had to say:
“Here are some new images of MistWalker’s Nintendo DS RPG Archaic Sealed Heat, from the creator of Final Fantasy – Hironobu Sakaguchi. The game will have pre-rendered graphics, and the battles will have simulation RPG elements.”
it looks pretty nice.
hopefully it’ll be good.

any way. thats about it for now.
hopefully i’ll blog again soonish.


6 Responses to tag… you’re it! *honk* *honk*

  1. totalwaste says:

    anata no tag desu omoshiroi desu ne!

    8) memories. taxan pc xt with 2 X 360k floppies and a cga monitor! way advanced!

    10 / 11) i’m desperately looking for someone to speak my aweful japanese with – you can’t really learn by yourself, and i plan on going as soon as my service is up. keen to correspond with random wapanese emails?

    14) i hear you. as soon as i’m out the army i’ll do it again (for the 6th time, i think)… don’t worry, once you’ve done it before the heal time reduces to around 2 days. werf it – do it!

    18) how much did it set you back?

    ;) nice one

    w-v: Will Individual Erudite Occupants Carry Enough Press?

  2. schpat says:

    I think it’s quite scary that only two of those were things I didn’t know, but they didn’tsurprise me.

  3. moonflake says:

    i knew all of them :p. But then i should, right?

    yay, girlfriend brownie points for me!

  4. zenstar says:

    totalwaste: anata ga suki desu? ^-^
    watashi of course!
    gomen nasai re: the positive comment.
    you can try wapanese mail me, i’m not very good at all (evidence above) but hey… ~_^

    and i’ve known you for a long time schpat (plus i told you about the duplo pirate the night before in the toystore!)

    as for moonflake: *kisses* ^*^

    wv: exknalf
    (sounds like a lord of the rings name: or a title… a once great elf who is now dead)

  5. totalwaste says:

    i don’t have your email address, most people your side do – send me ;)

  6. totalwaste says:

    do – have mine, i meant…

    i stopped with the w-v, i’ve decided blogspot has caught on to me and is only giving me horrible ones–>

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