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i gots a bit to blog about due to the massive lack of being up at varsity (and hence unable to blog).

firstly: moonflake made it safely to new york but had hell getting there…
if i had realised it was an saa flight all the way i would have been more worried than i was when she didn’t phone around the prescribed time.
eventually i heard from her at about midnight (roughly) which is about 10 hours late…
saa overbooked the flight from jhb to ny and hence moonflake had to go to atlanta and organise a flight from there to ny.
of course, since saa are a bunch of hopeless fucktards, her luggage never arrived in atlanta.
she managed to get a flight to ny and is now safely at her apartment there, but does not have her phone charger, her plug adapter, or any clothes other than her jacket that she took carry-on.
this just after work bought her all that corp-wear too.
hopefully they’ll find the case and she’ll get it back, but saa has done this to the boss’s wife a couple of times before… and the last time they never recovered the luggage… ever! its still out in the ether somewhere, traveling country to country looking for a home, a welcome face, a… nah! some fucker probably stole it!
if you are planning a trip anywhere: make sure it isn’t saa!

i gots me a new phone ^-^
well… it was my dad’s phone but he hates using it ‘cos all he wants is a simple makes-calls-and-has-easy-alarm-function kinda phone.
so i swapped my far simpler phone for his nokia 6600.
it is sweet. i know there are better phones out there but i’m quite happy with this one. it has a colour screen, does true tone stuff, and is generally more fun than the one i had before.

talking about fun:
nintendogs rocks. i now have 3 puppies: rocket (he’s a miniture daschund), jessie (she’s a beagle), and sparky (he’s the newest addition: a japanese breed called a shina ibu… or something like that).
i can’t really say its a game. you “play” games. you interact with nintendogs.
its really a pet simulator, but without the aging or dying aspect. the worst that can happen is the puppy gets non-responsive and runs away from home for a short while if you don’t pay it any attention.
and since we can’t have pets in the flat, nintendogs suits me just fine ^-^

i saw ghostship recently.
it wasn’t that bad. i rather enjoyed it and like the little twist it had.
it doesn’t win any awards for best anything, but was fun enough to veg in front of.
tv should be pretty good soon: halloween draws near (tonight?).
if it isn’t i’ve always got my appleseed books to read. in fact i’m rereading them now and then and i forgot how much fun they were.
shirow is great!
extra shirow link (pics).

thats all i have time for today…
i’m actually up at varsity to study with a russian student doing fourier methods with me.
i may be here most of this week so updates may happen…
also: no time to do the tag thingie… but i never got tagged so there :p


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  1. dystopia says:

    actually it isn’t the boss’ wife, but another employee. the himself has had his luggage follow him on a later plane, but the message is clear. everyone should avoid saa, and the us for good measure. all people flying to other countries seem to have noe problems, well except me. that was not the fault of saa though, but the bombing and closed tubes.

    memes are a hoax, pass it on

    w-v: uber xenophobic terrorist yellow tails

  2. moonflake says:

    update: my luggage did in fact follow me on another plane, it should be in atlanta by now and then is going on to jfk on the next flight. i should get it this evening. phew!

    i think nikki did get her second set up luggage back eventually. the irony of it is that she went on the second trip bcos she got a free ticket out of the first stuff up. sigh. sorry we lost your luggage. here’s a free opportunity to allow us to lose it again.

    our tour operator is trying to get my bumped to business for the return flight. i don’t want another saa flight in the future, thanks, even if it is free.

  3. moonflake says:

    and as evidenced above this laptop is not great for my typing. up instead of of? my istead of me? the letters aren’t even near each other!

  4. totalwaste says:

    ho moonflake! ALWAYS carry on change of underwear and phone charger. ALWAYS.

    btw zen – you HAVE been tagged. and if you can’t find the tag, then here it is again!

    w-v Tealeaf-Riding Kings Quote Nonsense News

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